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Lord Hylton

I have just returned from Ankara.  The total number of prisoners in Turkey more than doubled between 2005 and this year, from 55,000 to 130,000.  Many are held without charge, pending eventual trial, often under the Terrorism Law.  175 persons per 100,000 population are now gaoled. Turkey imprisons about twice as many journalists as either…

Rapid Intervention Border Force

Lord Soley

Today David Cameron will be phoning the French and German leaders to try and persuade them not to change existing EU treaties or make new one. The Conservatives are committed to a referendum if the EU powers are increased. The EU is still a sensitive issue for the Conservative Party and particularly delicate given the…

Encouraging Political Dialogue within Turkey

Lord Hylton

I have visited Turkey at intervals since 1994, as an informal observer of elections and other sensitive events. This spring I was present at the local elections in south-east Turkey.  The nationwide results got much more media coverage than local elections here. Since 1984, despite various ceasefires, there has been a prolonged, armed uprising by…