Worse than Windrush

Baroness Deech

There is to be an annual Windrush Day. Noting the acclaim for the contributions made by the Windrush generation, and the remorse over the way they were treated, put me in mind of an earlier generation of immigrants: the Jews, fleeing for their lives from Central Europe to Britain in the 1930s. In the face…

Turkish Elections

Lord Hylton

These are being held under a State of Emergency.  This gives the Government almost unlimited powers of arrest and control, at a time when it already dominates the media.  The People’s Democratic Party (HDP) is the third largest party in the Parliament, but has been demonized as a collaborator of terrorists.  This accusation disregarded the…

Self-Determination for the Palestinian People

Lord Hylton

I spoke on this in Lord Steel of Aikwood’s debate on 7 June. As far as I know, I’m the only person to make the point that Israelis have long enjoyed full self-determination.  Palestinians have been denied this rightand te large number of Palestinian exiles living in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and elsewhere, have never been…

The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal

Lord Hylton

This body is composed of seven distinguished judges from Europe, who are independent of governments.  The Tribunal was founded in Bologna (Italy) in 1979. It took evidence in March in Paris about two specific charges against Turkey:  that war crimes had been committed mainly against the Kurdish population of Turkey, between June 2015 and February…

From Dame to Baroness

Lord Norton

In a post on my blog a couple of years ago, I drew attention to the fact that some Baronesses who previously had been made Dames were still referred to on occasion by the BBC as Dames.  Baroness Grey-Thompson, for example, was sometimes referred to as ‘Dame Tanni’ – this some years after her elevation to the peerage.  This…

Home education Skype broadcast meeting

Lord Soley

In January I held a meeting for people who were concerned about my home education bill. This was an opportunity for them to ask questions about the bill Some people were unable to attend the meeting due to a range of reasons including child care or long travel and they contacted me stating their disappointment.…

Military Intervention in Syria

Lord Hylton

The following was sent by email to the Prime Minster on the day before this country took part in combined military attacks in Syria.  A reply will no doubt come in due course:  “Despite the approval of the Cabinet, I remain opposed to this, after visiting Syria three times since 2015.  If it was wrong to…

The War in Yemen

Lord Hylton

IHere is the text of a Question for Written Answer I have put to HMG: “Whether they will make further deliveries of arms and military equipment to Saudi Arabia conditional on that Government making determined efforts to achieve peace in Yemen”.  

Commonwealth Summit Meeting April 2018

Lord Hylton

I warmly welcome the emphasis for the meeting on a Rules-Based World. This is particularly needed at a time when Presidents Trump and Putin behave erratically and sometimes illegally. The commitment to human rights is very necessary. Nevertheless, much remains to be done, especially as regards organized crime, human trafficking, money laundering, cyber-crime and political…