Two Written Questions, and HMG’s replies, about Turkey and the BDP

Lord Hylton

My comments on these replies are:

1:  That the PKK, like Hamas, have for too long been unfairly demonized.  They have tried to make ceasefires and have very strong popular support;

2:  That an independent mediator is needed between the government of Turkey and the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP).

2 comments for “Two Written Questions, and HMG’s replies, about Turkey and the BDP

  1. Gareth Howell
    22/06/2012 at 9:18 am

    Bit like a foreign country interfering in the SNP campaign for independence from the UK,
    unless of course the noble lord thinks that we have some kind of “better” or superior mediating powers, or received opinions, than anybody else in the world.

    If the noble lord believes he should intrude in to the lives of the Kurds then why should he not also be concerned with the Pathans and their independence from Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan?

    The cause of the Pashtun and the Kurd is no different, in terms of human rights, the one from the other

    Where would we be then eh, if all the Kurds campaigners did take up the cause of the Pathans eh?!!

  2. MilesJSD
    24/06/2012 at 2:44 pm

    ‘Senses’ (versus) ‘meanings’ of words should be helpful;

    so re GH’s “difference” touchstone, I checked the entry on

    Equality (versus) Equity:

    3. Equality equals quantity, equity equals quality.

    2. Equity – justness, fairness, impartiality, even-handedness; while Equality is ‘about’ equal-sharing and exact-division.

    1. Equality denotes that everyone is at the same level; whereas equity is a BUSINESS term denoting Ownership of the Company (JSDM’s ‘slant’).
    Next ?
    “egalitarian” (versus) “decent” (livings, jobs, lifestyles, fish-catches);

    ” ‘fair-‘ (versus) ‘unfair-‘
    demonisations” ?

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