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Integration of Health and Social Care

Baroness Murphy

Baroness Cumberlege Lord Laming This morning I chaired the last of four seminars for peers about the new draft Social Care Bill. They’ve been organised by Baroness Jolly from the Lib Dems. The last seminar this year but not the last of the many more I expect for next year when the bill finally arrives.…

All Calm on the Westminster Front

Baroness Murphy

Were you wondering where I’d gone? Well I’m back now from Central America and the Caribbean and mightily pleased I missed all that cold weather. I was in some remote spots and got news from Britain only intermittently. But the health bill figured in almost every bulletin. Turmoil, Coalition falling apart, political storms at Westminster,…

Is this the best way to improve a bill

Baroness Murphy

  We are about half way through the committee stages of the Health and Social Care Bill; yesterday afternoon and evening we ploughed through the 7th day of amendments, missing our target as usual by several groups of amendments because so many people want to speak. I spoke in the debate on amendment 103, http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201011/ldhansrd/text/111122-0002.htm#11112299000096…