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Sport’s New Strategy

Lord McConnell

      With the final whistle minutes away, Scotland were within touching distance of the Rugby Union World Cup semi-final, the only northern hemisphere team still in contention. But in those last two agnonising minutes Australia scored a controversial penalty to take the semifinal place. Scotland played like heroes and silenced those that had…

‘No gifts, no freebies, no cheating’

Lord McConnell

      £1 doesn’t cover a morning coffee in the café next to my office, but across the world around one billion people live on just £1 a day for all their living costs. The Global Poverty Project has been working hard for the last four years to challenge this unacceptable state of affairs…

Ten Reasons: No Thanks

Lord McConnell

Today we decide. It is a momentous day, and whatever we think of the campaigns, or the importance of the question, we will choose Scotland’s constitutional future in these next few hours.   Inspired by a good friend who wrote quite a good list of his 10 top reasons for voting Yes, I thought the…