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Europe and the EU

Lord Hylton

My last four blogs have been about wars, that our media hardly mention, for example in Yemen, inside Turkey since 1984, in the Philippines against suspected drug dealers and users, or the coming health and survival crisis in Gaza. Today I would like to draw attention to the three million EU citizens living in Britain…

The Future of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Lord Hylton

What was probably the first attempt at a National Dialogue took place in Sarajevo from October 28 – 30 2016.   It was national in the sense that some 40 participants were people already active in civil society and voluntary organizations.  There was a good male/female balance, with representation of youth groups and older people, some…

New Arrivals in Europe

Lord Hylton

This year Europe as a whole has faced its biggest challenge since the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Soviet Union.  Then it responded by helping the ex-communist states and by trying to do something for the people of Russia. Challenged by huge numbers coming from the Middle East, the EU…