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Different ways of doing things

Lord Norton

Procedures in the Lords are different to those in the Commons, not least in term of the rules governing votes.  For example, if an MP votes in both lobbies during a division, his or her name is shown in the division list as being in both lobbies.  Voting in both lobbies has become a way for MPs to show that they…

A fitting tribute

Lord Norton

Wednesday of last week was the final sitting day before the summer recess.  The conclusion of the sitting was unusual because members broke into applause.   It was the last sitting presided over by the current Lord Speaker, Baroness Hayman.   As she left the chamber, peers broke into spontaneous applause, in appreciation of all her work as our…

New Lord Speaker

Lord Norton

The House has elected a new Lord Speaker:  Baroness D’Souza (pictured).  She will take up the post on 1 September, succeeding Baroness Hayman.  You can read details, including the breakdown of the votes, here.  Baroness D’Souza led in every round, being elected, after four candidates were eliminated, by 296 votes to 285 for Lord Colwyn.

Marking my fifth year in office

Guest Contributor

When the position of Lord Speaker was created in 2006, it was clear that the House was cautious about the Speaker’s role in the Chamber, but enthusiastic about the representative and ambassadorial aspects of the job. Alongside my procedural, domestic committee and security responsibilities, I have, therefore, made building a sustainable programme of external engagement,…

Lord Speaker to retire

Lord Norton

The Lord Speaker, Baroness Hayman, has announced that she will not be seeking re-election in July.   The Lord Speaker is elected for a term of five years and is eligible to serve for a maximum of two terms.  Baroness Hayman was the first person to be elected to the post, in 2006, after the Lord Chancellor ceased…