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Resettlement of Afghan Interpreters

Lord Hylton

I asked HMG whether they will accelerate the conclusion of requests for resettlement by Afghan interpreters and other personnel employed by the UK, either by offering refugee states in the UK, or by assisted resettlement in other countries. Lord Astor of Hever gave me the following reply :” The ex-gratia redundancy scheme includes an offer…

Women in Afghanistan

Lord Soley

There is a very serious and thoughtful article here which anyone interested in womens rights and Afghanistan should read. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/oct/04/dreams-afghan-women-taliban-rights

Poppies and their meaning

Baroness Murphy

November 11th, Armistice Day was always a special day when I was a child because it is my Mother’s birthday. She was 5 when the Great War ended; one of her earliest memories is of her Mother’s joy at the news. We all wore our poppies for just two days, the Saturday of the Poppy…

Linda Norgrove

Lord Soley

I don’t think I will be the only person who would like to express admiration for Linda Norgrove and  her parents John and Lorna. Linda Norgrove’s untimely death in Afghanistan needs no elaboration but her parents dignified response and the absence of  any desire to try and blame the US forces attempting to rescue her deserves…

Development and NGO’s

Lord Soley

The sad news of the death of Dr Woo and her colleagues comes at the same time as the news that a UK policeman has been shot and killed in Afghanistan. In many ways this goes to the heart of the problem in Afghanistan and some other developing country’s. It may be a long time…