Refugees and Turkey

Lord Hylton

Refugees and Turkey

The whole world is grateful to Turkey for taking in a very large number of Syrians. It has provided health care for many, while allowing some to work for their living, and perhaps one-third of the children attend school.

On the other hand, if things are as good as the Turkish ambassador said in his recent letter, why did border guards in Hatay province recently shoot and kill 8 people, including women and children? Why have refugees in groups of 100 been allegedly rounded up and expelled across  the frontier ever since January?  Why have some Syrians and others been refused registration as refugees and forcibly turned back?  Why have some children been separated from their parents?

We recall with sadness that the Turkish army stood by watching, while Kobane in Syria was nearly wiped out by ISIS/Daesh. Answers to the above questions would be most welcome.

(This was sent as a letter to The Times – not published)

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  1. maude elwes
    04/05/2016 at 10:46 am

    And here, once again, we have a complete and utter farce.

    Turkey will take back some of the refugees if we give them a sweetheart deal. Why on earth should we give them any deal at all? They allowed the refugees to board boats and use it as a ruse to get into Europe through the back door. Turkey should have to pay for the refugees it did not take care of and llowed to enter Europe unregistered and unregulated.

    Do you really believe in the utter naivete that once the Turks can enter Europe visa free, 75 million of them, the returned refugees they take, or economic migrants, won’t turn around and come right back again telling any old cock and bull story about being Turkish. No wonder they laugh out loud at the stupid infantile Europeans and their side kicks.

    Send all these refugees to Islamic countries, that is where they will be happiest and not have to adjust to a western secular lifestyle.

  2. maude elwes
    04/05/2016 at 11:09 am

    Here are two links of this matter I saw online ‘Debating Europe’ today.

    And number two. What is so hard about facing up to reality? And more importantly why don’t you want to? That is what needs to be looked at and taken seriously because it will finish all that we cherish in our society if it continues. Politicians, without permission of its people, are acting illegally. The population of all our countries, through the gulag system of political correctness, are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

    • MilesJSD
      08/05/2016 at 5:53 pm

      Pray, what exactly do we cherish in “our” “society”, maude ?

      • maude elwes
        09/05/2016 at 9:51 am

        If you don’t know Miles JSD, then what is it you see that we should fight for. Please explain as so much of your beliefs are confused and hard to follow.

        Are you saying you want political chaos and an overthrown of the present British way of life for something else? And if so, what way of life would you like us to adopt in order to fulfil your sense of satisfaction? Enlightenment is a very good way to bring on the change you cling to.

        Be open and transparent, it would help us all. Or, if not all, it would help me no end.

        • MilesJSD
          11/05/2016 at 11:43 am

          I composed quite a long reply.

          No short reply is possible.
          The below is certainly shorter, now.

          1) What we should not “fight” for is the increasingly corrupt, Earthlife-destructive, and human-health-depreciating, English-languagedisinformed global-civilisation.

          2) What we should be peacefully-revolutionarily-constructing is
          (i) ‘Bottom-Up Participative Democratisation’ [as worldwide as possible]
          (ii) ‘Bottom-Up’ as well as Top-Down sustainworthy-individual-and-collective-human-development
          including majorly sustainworthy Holistic-Lifestyling and Holistic Health building.

          You are right with “Enlightenment” being a good way to bring on the change that I do (“to a fault”) “cling-to”:
          and that change is the above –

          but whilst it does not “need” my words nor emulably transparent-lifestyle-example,
          it does carefully clear detail in “how-to-raise-your-own-awareness, ongoingly and practically” (for instance)
          and needs all of the well-published advances in both human-developmental knowledge and practical know-how advances,

          these are genuine, well-tested, and especially safe and effective life-facilitating advances for the impaired, the least-able, and the ‘poorest’ peoples not only in this country, but throughout the world –

          these are safe advances, that are for some hiddenly-corrupt reasons being “competitively” suppressed, by both the Establishment and the Universities and Schools,
          and by NGOs, Adult Life Education, and the ChurchesI.

          A good many such titles,
          some with brief reviews and a few with short quotations shown too, can be found listed within the not-for-profit, power, nor prestige websites [the ‘Basics’ page]

          and in

          [in this site, the irrefutable logic of
          “one-human-being needs only one-human-living”
          needs to be high-priority and ‘grassroots-facilitatedly’ publicly discussed, for its current possibly “Planet Earth-Saving” merits, as well as for its (disturbingly categorical) validity and corruption-curtailing clarity, charity, and self-correction-enhancing simplicity.

  3. MilesJSD
    05/05/2016 at 9:46 am

    I think fundamentally what is doubly-at-fault is
    (1) the United Nations and every Individual Nation-State’s lack of a Constitutional basis for
    “Method III ‘No Lose’ Needs-&-Affordable-Hows Recognition and Cooperative Problem Solving””
    (2) the “megalomaniacally”-inflated “National-Ego” of most Nations, certainly of their Nation-State-establishments & governments “socially-mobile expert people”.
    Some Instantiation:
    Shouldn’t the United Nations should long ago have obtained from the General Assembly some design of a “United Nations Nation-State”, wherein refugees, and others of a “stateless” or “interim-on-the-fence” could co-constructively progress or co-learn such ‘No Lose’ Problem Solving Lifestyling ?

    And from my previous submissions since May 2010 you might already be aware that this submissor (MilesJSD)
    also proactively supports
    both immediate and longest-term “Sustain-worthy-ing” too.
    For some key sources and guidances please visit the not-for-profit-nor-power-nor-prestige voluntary “Earth-stewardship” websites and

  4. maude elwes
    06/05/2016 at 4:08 pm

    I thought I had added a link to what is ‘Stockholm Syndrome.’ Clearly I did not.

    Here is a link to what it is and how it works.

    Follow this up by clicking on How Brainwashing Works.

    Which is why the brainwasher fears a free thinker. It can upset the apple cart if the brainwashee hears or sees an alternative viewpoint. Hence the demand to toe the line of political correctness. This is how the Gulag came about. If a human being feels he is out of step with his fellow man on a mass scale, or is repeatedly told he cannot think out of the box, as he will be penalised for doing so, he becomes a captive and often develops Stockholm Syndrome.

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