Ping-Pong between the Houses of Parliament on the Immigration Bill

Lord Hylton

The House of Lords had earlier passed a number of amendments to this Government’s Bill.  On April 26 the House of Commons sent them back with various reasons for rejection.

Lord Alton of Liverpool moved a compromise amendment to allow asylum-applicants to take jobs, if their cases were still outstanding after nine months. This was carried by a margin of 60 votes.

Lord Ramsbotham asked the House to insist on his original amendment that Immigration Detainees might not be held for longer than 28 days without the approval of a judicial tribunal.  This was approved by a majority of 65 votes.

Baroness Lister of Burtersett moved an amendment to prevent pregnant women being detained for more than 72 hours, or at most 7 days if the Secretary of State ordered a longer period.  Her majority was 56 votes.

Lord Dubs had an amendment calling for the admission to Britain of a proportionate number of unaccompanied refugee children now in Europe.  The exact number would be decided by the Secretary of State after consulting with the Local Authorities.  Lord Dubs had himself come to England as a child on the “kindertransport” from Nazi Germany.  He gained a majority of 107.

Lord Hylton had previously carried an amendment allowing non-EU domestic workers on tied visas to change employers.  This was rejected by the Commons.  The Government in the House of Commons rejected the recommendations of the Ewins Review, which they had commissioned.  Instead they followed the advice of the Anti-Slavery Commissioner.  On this occasion Lord Hylton got positive answers from the Government about rights to work while cases are pending, and about the repatriation of domestic workers, if their cases are rejected by the National Referral Mechanism.

It remains to be seen whether the Commons will again reject the four amendments on which the Lords voted.

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  1. MilesJSD
    29/04/2016 at 6:51 pm

    A clear, dispassionate and impartial ‘report’
    of what we otherwise-also-over-busy “democratic-electors”
    do wish to non-time-guzzlingly keep up with.
    Thank you, Lord Hylton.

  2. maude elwes
    30/04/2016 at 12:12 pm

    The immigration bill is a nonsense. We have thousands of working age people unemployed. We have a health service that is in chaos as a result, in large part, of mass migration, our schools are frantic and unable to teach as overcrowding is rife, we have no social housing for more people. Especially those who cannot understand or adhere to a western way of life and conglomerate as separatist groups with an intent to finish us all off. Yet, it is being considered a duty to take these people in. Why?

    Who says it is in the best interests of our country? Who says the tax payer should be forking out for this, when we are in need of all these facilities for the people already living here and in poverty.

    Why were the citizens not asked directly if they want more of this madness?

    Akin to the charges of ‘anti semitism’ of those in the Labour party who are true socialists, it is a set up to lead the entire population to lower wages and a lifestyle of the Victorian age. The wishes of so many of the stately home dwellers now being carried out in so many ways.

    Globalism is a complete and utter farce. Leading to an acceptance of permanent war, with the alleged use of previous ten year old African children in private armies at a wage of £10.00 per day.

    • MilesJSD
      04/05/2016 at 12:13 am

      “Who says …?”
      “Why were the citizens not asked… ?”
      Vapidity, maude.

      Who in this country is capable of:-
      thoroughgoing scrutiny,
      Needs-&-Affordable-Hows Identification,
      ‘No-Lose’ coooperative problem-solving,
      longest-term sustainworthy-strategic-planning
      one-human-being needs only one-huiman-living ?

      Answer to all of the above:
      Neither the Governance bodies nor Expert Top Leadership,
      the “Hard-Working” ordinary patriotic British citizen,
      nor the Media, the Middle-Classes, nor Educators.
      Let’s see some overarching sober assessment of the Needs (“best-interests”) of this Planet Earth’s Lifesupports
      upon which this country totally depends
      and should be supporting,

      not spouting about the “citizens’ best interests”
      nor those similarly wasteful “private-rights interests” of the Stately-Homes Upper-Classes.
      I wonder where maude elwes fits, on a “sustainworthy-lifestyle” analysis chart ?
      Ready to “no-lose’ work it out at egalitarianly cooperative round-tables ?

      • maude elwes
        09/05/2016 at 9:38 am

        Here is where Maude lies, Miles JSD. Not hiding under a rock at all.

        New Labour is in a mess, not because of policies put forward by Corbyn and his followers, but because of the Blairites lying in wait to eat him. The new Mayor, in his obvious ignorance telling the nation from a Blairite stance, that unless Corbyn and co. adapt to ‘his’ sell out thinking, they will not win a GE in 2010. What a joke.

        Is he serious? He only won that London election because of Corbyn and crew. The people in our capitol city voted for him ‘because of, not in spite of,’ the party leader returning to the old principles they want to hear working for them again. It was not of religion of either candidate, or, his council estate and family background. Instead of taking up against his leader he should be on his knees thanking him and get it through his scull that London doesn’t want a Tory in disguise at the helm again. He must know he’s no Boris, with a charisma the public love, regardless of his politics with millions spent on bikes.

        Beware of this Mayor, he’s believing he is an old Blair master. Get in on a pretence of being a lamb and once elected, let out the pseudo dictator to take office as party leader.

        Labour, if they want to win at the 2020 election, or sooner, must seriously consider ridding the traitorous crew already installed and bring on ‘by elections’ so Labour members can clean out the barrel. Otherwise, what they have left from the horror of their last leadership are determined to see them finished. If they do not have the courage to do this, and do it quick, they will end up pushing the voter into seeking a party they can truly identify with. None of whom are presently on offer.

        Did anyone in government notice the group supporting our new London Mayor with anti semitic slogans all over their banners? No, Well that is extraordinary don’t you think?

        If Labour had the courage to reject Europe, along with their crazy open door immigration policy, they would win by a landslides under Corbyn and this is why the Tories are terrified. They know what the electorate wants, and it is an honest Labour party in it for their best interests. Not another Blair machine, out to make a pile through political treachery. Those Blairites surrounding the front bench think they can and will fool the country once again. Not a hope in hell. Change, once you realise it, is going to shock the lot of you. It is unstoppable, A renaissance.

        • MilesJSD
          17/05/2016 at 7:45 pm

          How many of our 63 million heads do you think really know what they, and we also even as ‘odds-&-sods’,
          truly Need ?

          Did you realise that the term “Religion” comes from the root meaning “re-connecting” (with the/your Divine sources of Life) ?
          [Recommended books: “Revised Eastern Body Western Mind” by Anodea Judith; “Anatomy of Spirit” by Caroline Myss; “Lifestreams” by David Boadella;
          and great lists of leading but neglected advances via not-for-profit ‘Basics’ page.

          And that as far as i have researched in practice, there is no Religion available that attempts to “connect” and keep on “re-connecting” each of us to all of our divine-energies sources ?

          And that each individual has to bed something of a “Vicar of Bray” and outlast every shift and revolution in Polirtics –
          :Democratic-Politics’s singular Tasxk and Raison d’Etre being to “promise an end to shortcomings
          and plentiful health, wealth, happiness and justice,
          to every-one
          for the next five years”
          [but regardless of ensuring 10 years, 100 years, and 1000 years future survival and security for the whole 63 million and especially for our essential Lifesupports, forests, l;ands, waters, breathing-air, and holistic-health-building essentials].

          A Renaissance, yes indeed – but its all-round further education sources (many appearing in the above recommended lists) should already be integrated and proactivating,
          new findings and know-how being likewise integrated as we speak, into our existing Civilisations,
          but they are not.

          So surely, we have to make a New-Naissance
          as well as some Re-Naissancing,
          don’t we ?

          But “how”, when all the Constitutions, Institutions and Organisations have one-way top-down directively “closed-ranks” to exclude these advances in knowledges and know-hows ?

          • MilesJSD
            17/05/2016 at 7:47 pm

            “… be (a “Vicar of Bray”) : sorry !

  3. Daedalus
    31/05/2016 at 12:20 pm

    I don’t know if Lord Dubs was born a German but as a child he fled the Third Reich’s reach to a place of sanctuary and safety.

    According to Marcus Wendel’s Axis History website the area now known as Germany was part of the First Reich or the Holy Roman Empire (Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation) which was formally dissolved on 8 August 1806 after Emperor Francis II (Franz II) abdicated. It was period of violent European history.

    The Second Reich officially began with Hohenzollern Germany and the unification of Germany following the Franco-Prussian War (1870 – 1871) however the cause and rise of the Second Reich really began in 1701 with the creation of the United Kingdom.

    A British Zollverien or customs union was created. Scotland’s merchants based mainly in Glasgow and Edinburgh now had tariff free access to English and Commonwealth Markets and they prospered. Scotland needed immigrants as did England and many came from continental Europe. The cost of getting goods to market was falling as first canals, roads and then railways began to emerge.

    According to the University of Texas and Carol H. Shiue’s February 2005 extract “From Political Fragmentation towards a Customs Union:
    Border Effects of the German Zollverein, 1815 to 1855” prior to 1815 the German region was slow to affect a tariff union because it had over 300 sovereign states or kingdoms. By 1815 the region had developed as a result of war into 39 states but lacked the political unity of Britain and France.

    The Second Reich properly begins in 1834 with the German Zollverien or tariff union. By 1871 a Prussian dominated Germany is now one state and goods flow across internal borders tariff free. Germany now begins in earnest infrastructure improvements and is playing catch up with the Britain and France. Immigration to Germany is both fuelling prosperity and resentment.

    The Second Reich ends with the armistice of 1918 and intellectuals are granted educational and improved citizen rights under the Weimar Republic. The National Socialists hijack Germany remove these rights and the prudent flee its excesses. The Third Reich has begun and ends in 1945.

    The Fourth Reich begins with the creation of the European Union around 1950 inspired by a newly designed German State. Its six member states are historically one people the descendants of the Franks under Clovis I that later split up to form the six member states.

    The legacy of 1701 still draws immigrants from Europe to enjoy the prosperity of the British Zollverein and long may it continue to do so.

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