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Should we be sitting?

Lord Norton

Both Houses rose on Thursday and will not sit again until Monday week (23 February).  The break was introduced as a ‘constituency week’ for MPs, though it is now generally referred to as half-term.  The Taxpayers’ Alliance have argued against having the recess, on the grounds that Parliament should be sitting in order to call…

Enhancing transparency

Lord Norton

In response to my earlier post on tackling political alienation, a couple of respondents suggested increasing the transparency of Westminster – ‘losing the ivory tower effects of the Westminster village’ (DW) – and informing the public more about the basic operations of Parliament (Troika21). Compared with many other parliaments, Westminster is a transparent institution.  Votes…

Parliament sidelined

Lord Norton

The events of recent days, with world financial turmoil, have rather borne out my earlier observations about the consequences of a long parliamentary recess.  The US Congress has been at the centre of attention.  Here, the Government has been able to act under legislation enacted earlier this year.  Had that not been in place, then…