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Lord Soley

As I feared and predicted in my last post (see below) David Laws MP has had to resign. I don’t want to add much more to what I have said below except that if we don’t get our expenses system onto a more logical and rational basis we will continue to have cases like this with all…

Constitutional renewal starts at home

Baroness Murphy

I was the only woman to speak in Lord Tyler’s debate on constitutional renewal last Thursday, and characteristically perhaps for a woman I looked at the domestic governance arrangements inside the House which I observe do not serve well the business of the House. The House is unable to respond swiftly and effectively to crises…

Bonfire of the Vanities

Lord Soley

175 years ago today the Houses of Parliament were burnt to the ground. The great fire of 1834 destroyed much of beauty but resulted in Barry’s now world famous Houses of Parliament. To read the story go to: http://www.parliament.uk/about/podcasts/1834fire.cfm I’m surprised that Lord Norton hadn’t put this in as a quiz question!

Are the Lords listening?

Hansard Society

After all the dreadful stories in the past months about Parliament, I’m very pleased to bring you a piece of good news today! As many of you will know, our Information Committee has been carrying out an inquiry into how the House of Lords and Parliament as a whole can engage with the public and…

People and Parliament: an update

Hansard Society

As Chairman of the Lords Information Committee, I want to tell you how we have got on in our Inquiry on “How can we improve the relations between Parliament and the Public?”. Obviously, this is now a sixty-four dollar question. Since we started in March we’ve received many many comments from people. We’re now having…