HS2 – Euston Express can save Government £4 bn and 10 years of construction!

Lord Berkeley

Our Euston Express team gave evidence on 11 October to the House of Lords HS2 Select Committee to present our scheme for fitting HS2 trains into the present Euston station width alongside WCML trains. This is the idea of Jonathan Roberts, who has worked up a solution not only to the platform layout but the throat for these services, the changes needed to the WCML and the proposed tunnel portal (short tunnel from Old Oak Common) on the WCML near Queen’s Park We are at a stage where we believe there are no show stoppers either to keeping WCML services going during construction and after HS2 opens.  The Committee seemed very interested.

rh161012 euston express overall ppt



The key is that Euston Express will avoid much of the massive disruption to the local community in Camden, with up to 1500 trucks a day threatened for three or more years, whereas Euston Express gives one complete new station in 9 years compared with HS2 giving the half station for their trains in 19 years, and nothing for the dear old WCML station.

Of course the most interesting issue is the cost. Michael Byng, an eminent Quantity Surveyor, who has written a long overdue book commissioned by Network Rail on the standard method of measurement for rail works, has costed HS2’s works from Old Oak Common inward to Euston compared to Euston Express, and has demonstrated that comparing HS2 AP3 to Euston Express from Old Oak Common portal to and including Euston station on a like for like basis, without adding in the WCML part of the station, the taxpayer would save around £3,740m.   Even if the WCML part were included to make one integrated station, the taxpayer would save £1,850m.

Discussions with DfT, Network Rail, HS2 and Transport for London continue, but we are hopeful that ministers will see the light and stop this waste of money at Euston for HS2 that still leaves the poor old WCML commuter with that ‘lovely’ 1960s concrete structure.

As Richard Morrison wrote in the Times, “even by the bleak standards of Sixties architecture, Euston is one of the nastiest concrete boxes in London: devoid of any decorative merit; seemingly concocted to induce maximum angst among passengers; and a blight on surrounding streets.”






5 comments for “HS2 – Euston Express can save Government £4 bn and 10 years of construction!

  1. LordBlagger
    15/10/2016 at 6:59 pm

    Still won’t make it an asset, just a liability.

    There is no way that ticket sales or sales of freight are ever going to pay for it.

    There’s no difference between the Dome, the Garden Bridge and HS2.

    The are colossal wastes of money. Just another fraud on the public

    • 17/10/2016 at 9:29 pm

      Yet “the public” go along
      virtually ‘revelling’
      in this “fraud” after “fraud” by “our very-own-elected”

      Tens of millions of 1st world UK travellers, if not all “first-class”,
      and not all professional and ‘wealthy’ people,
      are the best English-speaking people in the whole world,
      now to be being even more “securely-safely” and “advanced-economicly”
      Perhaps Blagger, old friend,
      we should be thankful that ‘they’ are doing all the essential “work”
      and “saving-money” for us;

      so why can’t all the others-of-us “see”
      that we not only “do not need to know”
      but as increasingly ‘Plague-on-Earth’ “expendable-minorities”
      do not need neither actively nor passively
      to “do” anything
      nor “stand up and be counted”
      just to “trust-and-obey-for-there’s-no-other-way -” .

      and simply “keep our own noses clean” “communing with God secretly upon our own beds;
      safely unemployed
      and patrioticly out-of-the-way at home –

      After all, we are now always “In This Together”
      and can stand “at the Brexiting-British-Peoples’ Call
      holding ourselves ultra-loyally in ‘We Shall Fight On The Beaches …” Reserve,

      We need not be “making any waves”
      nor “rocking any boats”

      nor any longer “having-our-say” with such “stupid” questions as

      “What’s going to “power” all of that infrastructure
      for enough decades and centuries (if not millennia)
      to be not only
      “fit for purpose” and “comfortably-profitable”,

      but for all of the
      “nastiest Old-Euston-like concrete-boxes in “The United Kingdom”
      to be made “passenger-relaxing” and “healingly-beautified”
      by “decoratively architectural merit”.
      But how else to better “spend”
      “our” ever-increasing numbers of billionaires’ and millionaires’
      “growth-supportive-wealths” ?

      and thus to also, but not as “a mere afterthought”,
      provide for “Posterity” –
      {i.e. our childrens’ childrens’
      Space-Emigratory Children }

      lasting for several hundreds, thousands,
      or maybe millions of years,

      or more -”

      “down the line” ?

    • Greg Tingey
      21/10/2016 at 7:01 am

      Lets all; go back to stagecoaches & canals for essential transport shall we & ban flying.

      Or, maybe, let’s not?

      • LordBlagger
        21/10/2016 at 11:42 am

        For the cost of HS2, you could have 550 DLR built across the country.

        What does the state pick?

        Something that’s a liability

        Something where the have to force people off the current system onto the expensive

        Something that’s hardly used. Periodically I go London to Brum, 5 pm on Fridays. Plenty of seats.

        The DLR option

        Massive economies of scale.
        You can stop and start when you want and still get usage. What’s the use of a half built HS2? nothing. Build 10 DLRs, and you get lots of usage.

        HS2 is just the numpties pissing money up the wall.

        • 24/10/2016 at 7:02 pm

          A TV documentary currently ‘exposes’ Local Governments too, something like “How Are Our Taxes Being Wasted in Billions ?”.

          { I’d give you accurate title and names, but my two new SKY Q boxes installed more than a week ago, on the same same-day “dropped-out” of Deleting, Recording, such that I get only non-recordable nor-plannable, live-watching-now,
          but when paused, the programme will not continue from that point when un-paused, but will be lost, deleted, and only the last minute or so will be rewindable to;
          so the Marketplace-Economic-Sector is also “p*****g” us up against walls.
          SKY technician will not be able to come and fix it before 30th October – that’s almost a whole month their “latest fast-four-wheeled improvement” is making me live “on only two wheels” so to speak;
          and without telling me clearly beforehand that I would completely lose access to the previous SKY+HD boxes’ harddrive contents of “Recorded Programmes” }.

          It is so obvious that we, as well as our taxes,
          across the board except for the “rich, privileged, and powerful”,
          are being “p****d” against walls.

          It is in overall and underlurking effect
          The Constitution. Legislature, Judiciary, Civil-Service Regulatory,
          and “Private-Individually-Capitalistic and Business-Ethical “Win-Lose” Adversary Top-Downisms,
          that are the ‘Parasitic-Worms’ eating out both our Human-Body
          and the Earth-Itself’s Lifesupports.

          HS2 is a ‘peak-civilisational’ miracle;

          but how long might it last and help us to become more genuinely “economical” ?

          As with the Titanic,
          mentioned in
          “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth”,
          “the first-class cabins go to the bottom just as certainly as the poorer people’s in the Steerage.

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