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Lord Berkeley

‘Passengers from HS2 to the Continent are set to trudge along Euston Road for the next 50 years’ The Government, having rightly cancelled its own HS1-2 link in the HS2 Bill as being not fit for purpose, plans to get the Commons to prevent the HS2 select committee from discussing any future alternative link. Whilst…

High speed timetable for reform?

Lord Tyler

Everyone seems to think we are in for quite a light legislative session after Easter.  We will not know for sure until after the Queen’s Speech in June, but what are blogs for if not to speculate! One big issue which will plainly pre-occupy quite a lot of MPs’ time is the labyrinthine ‘hybrid Bill’…

HS2 Higgins report welcomed

Lord Berkeley

David Higgins’ Review had some very sensible suggestions, including extending the line to Crewe at an early stage to avoid the traffic jam that would be caused by all those trains from HS2 and WCML converging onto the WCML there. I also welcome the removing the HS1-2 link; it was never fit for purpose, either…