Good News from Palestine and Bosnia

Lord Hylton

The first stage of the restoration of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem has been completed.  Bethlehem was the birth-place of Jesus, known as the Christ by most of the world, and by Muslims as the Prophet Isa.  The Church was built in the 4th century CE by Saint Helena, the wife and widow of the Roman emperor, Constantine.

The important first step came as a result of cooperation between Christians and Muslims.  It follows on from the re-building of the Ottoman bridge in Mostar, and the reconstruction of the Ferhadija Mosque in Banja Luka.  Both of these historic buildings are in Bosnia-Herzegovina

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  1. MilesJSD
    03/03/2016 at 1:42 pm

    Two thoughts:
    firstly, most buildings are in-themselves “good” and “fit-for-good*-purpose”;

    the “trouble” has always been that buildings can become occupied, dominated by, and propagatory of, various kinds of “hypocrisy”, “cheating”,
    and “not-fit-for-the-common-purpose” dogma, legislation, “headquarters-‘Army’-barracks-ings”, ‘junk’-materials stockpiling and distribution {try thinking “FleetStreet?”; as well as “the Nuremberg Arena”]

    * [as distinct from ‘bad’-purpose] good = sustainworthy [constructively and conservationally].
    secondly, the dominance of the “win-lose” “healthily-competitive” mode of “progress” only makes the above improper-use of buildings more rife;

    and this is at root because our Leaders have long been too impatience-and “quick-full-bellies-for-the-rulers” oriented, “winner takes it all; losers stand there small”,
    that the long-since-available Method III of ‘No-Lose’ Cooperative Problem Solving has never been allowed to take root neither in govertnance nor in social-neighbourliness.

    Method III’s key is
    (“)Let us peacefully-friendly first agree the clear wording of The Problem; and nextly patiently allow each party to discover of their own volition their own deepest and most essential Need; finally ‘co-cobbl;ing’ together a solution, and a “fail-safe back-up plan”, that meets each and every-one’s real-need (“)
    [this writer jsdm’s paraphrasing].

    It might appear that the ‘stakeholders’ Christians and Muslims have found a similar co-operative methodology, mightn’t it now ?

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