“End the Death Penalty”

Lord Hylton

Pope Francis called for the worldwide ending of capital punishment, when he returned to Rome from Mexico.  He had previously made the same plea when addressing the United States Congress.

I have known of too many miscarriages of justice, for example the notorious cases of the Birmingham 6 and the Guildford 4, not to agree with the Pope’s call.

This is a global Year for Mercy.  A temporary ban on executing convicted criminals would be an excellent contribution to this year, giving time for national laws to be reformed.  Ending the death penalty is definitely a pro-life issue.

Honour killings:

Last year more than 500 people in Pakistan were killed, because someone thought that family honour had been outraged.  The dead were mainly women, though they included some men.

I am glad to say that Pakistan’s Prime Minister called for the law on honour killings to be strengthened.  He was supported by religious leaders and by the Pakistan Human Rights Commission.

I trust that Muslim leaders everywhere will call for an end to honour and revenge killings, since this is an issue that crosses national boundaries.  It is one that should be ruled by public law and due process.

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  1. MilesJSD
    05/03/2016 at 12:23 am

    (1) What is this Problem ?
    (2) What the Active Causes ?
    (3) What the Passive Causes ?
    (4) What the Progress-Supports and ‘Further-Blaze-Stoking-Fuels’?
    (5) What the initial and continuing Problem-Inhibition failures and omissions ?
    (5) Citizenship-Education on all sides, and inferrably in the United Nations too, (a) fails to maximise Foundational-&-First-Resort
    “Friendly Method III Cooperative Needs & Hows Recognition and ‘win-win-win’ participatively-cooperative problem-solving”;
    (b)(i) likewise fails to educate into “Perceptual Self-Control” whilst
    (ii) fails to un-learn ‘wrong-habits-that-feel-right’, majorly the dominant “Double-Sided Negative & Positive Reinforcement” and “Win-Lose Adversary Competition” theories and armed-force practices;
    (c) (i) fails to educate in the three principles of Good Communication and Honest-Argumentation;
    (ii) also fails to train in Collaborative Conflict Resolution
    [which is slightly more ‘tricky’ to learn and do than the first-resort friendly-problem-solving, simply because ‘friendliness’ and communicativity have broken down, and hostility is already ‘hiddenly-smouldering’]
    (iii) fails to train in the recognition of ensuing or otherwise insidious “Slippery-Slopes”, “Revolving-Doors” and “Poisoned-Chalices” [such as by ‘Rebels’, ‘Terrorists’, ‘Warlords’, even by the ‘normal’ Adversary Processes of Law; and
    (iv) in the preventative or pre-emptive ‘de-fusing’ thereof [focally by using “Method III” Cooperative Problem-Solving and ‘Fighting-Fair’ Conflict-Resolution methodologies] … {and there is more to be seen thereabouts}
    Since so many wars, fights, conflagrations, smouldering-resentments, hatreds, and mistrusts are already [and almost ‘normally-traditionally’] rife all around the world,
    not only do we need to maintain the present Police-Forcing, but to add to the Pope’s call for “an end to the death-penalty”
    an end to all other ‘punitive-killings’,

    and we need to greatly increase the ‘living-deterrants’ [such as setting-up many more non-crippling ‘hard-labour’ top-security island prisons]…
    When you say “I trust that…leaders everywhere will call for an end to ‘honour’ and ‘revenge’ killings … it is an issue that should be ruled by public law and due process”;
    the facts are that the public are powerless to rule in such matters
    [including in the similar ‘public-ruled’ bestial female-genital-mutilation]
    [including in many Laws which simply are “not-fit-for-purpose”
    such as the lack of “innocent until proven guilty” in UK Police behaviours,
    and in the Laws and Regulations overarching not only the Police
    but seriously distorting Education, Human Development, Citizenship Progress, and Holistic Health building;
    {e.g. a responsible and honest citizen (such as a schoolteacher) only has to ‘touch’ a child, by instinctively helping one who has fallen to the ground, to be treated summarily as guilty of “Assault”,
    this being only one ‘symptom’ of a national mind-functional imbalance largely due to the English-speaking Nations’ further failure to liberate us from the historical overkill “Victorianism” of being a “No Touch Society”, even further imbalancingly dominated by the legal kangaroo-court “due-process” of destructive-adversarism,
    and of “Twice blest is he whose blow’s in first”.
    Conclusion: Implement many more non-crippling hard-labour prison-islands:
    they can still be accurately graded,
    and that at far less cost
    and of much greater and ‘win-win-win’ correctional effectiveness
    than the chronicly-impairing “freedom to bear arms” and “individually-capitalistic private-rights” constitutions, laws, and regulations,
    handed and trickled down by a very small minority of Fair-Weather-Benign-Oligarchies
    that kid us in this “developed” Western 1st World that we are world-exemplary “Democracies”…

    No. Put the killers and underminers,
    of the peacefully sustainworthy human civilisation that we are trying to build,
    into ‘hard labour’ island-prisons.

    (would someone else kindly take over this ‘baton’ and run with it now, please ?)

  2. maude elwes
    15/03/2016 at 1:07 pm

    The death penalty should never have existed at any time, and only exists today in countries who have no comprehension of the meaning of life. Barbaric societies who use it for political threat and compliance pretend it is to revenge those they want to use as scapegoats. You cannot revenge murder with state murder. That is the mantra of the terrorist.

    Those who promote this act want to return us to the days of burning at the stake. Here is an example of what that means.


    You think colluding in anothers death is less horrendous if you hang, decapitate, inject a lethal doese of chemical or shoot? That somehow another method of killing alleviates an offence against principle?

  3. maude elwes
    25/03/2016 at 5:37 pm

    This clip I’ve added to this post affected me more than any in weeks since seeing Duncan Smith’s joy at the previous Budget speech hitting those in poverty. Although I respect IDS for his decision to let this evil go, it has taken him some long time to see the light.

    The horror we had to watch as ‘Osborne and Little’ laughed with a ‘bust a gut’ mentality at the ‘death penalty’ he had imposed on the disabled of this country makes any sane person physically sick. Especially when you see the devastation caused for the seriously mentally ill. And the abuse they are suffering under this team of unholy freaks.

    I know a women who has been devastated throughout her life by the gene she carries of severe schizophrenia, passed to her three sons. It runs in her family and has affected mainly boys all from her Mother’s side.

    One son of the three has spent his entire life in a secure hospital, as he is completely delusional, unable to function in the outside world. He is her youngest and it began to affect him at 17 years. Her middle son didn’t begin with the symptoms until in his early 20’s, he having been at the local college and on his way to a future in engineering. And then her first born, who not until he was almost fifty, after a lifetime of hard work, fell into severe same mental illness and the fight to try and save him from utter destitution had a terrible effect on the entire family, as they tried to get and give him help.

    Today, because of this ‘we are the party of the working man,’ brigade, her first born, having paid taxes since a teen, from his little business. That now, after his having a complete mental collapse, being hospitalised, helped by medics over some years into his own place, managing his own bills and life, along with his middle brother who lives miles away, face destitution and homelessness once again, simply from being severely mentally ill.

    Their GP’s, in different boroughs have been told they must pass them to ATOS as they must be assessed to see if they are fit for work. The State and ATOS haven’t yet shoved their way into the one that is hospitalised, but who knows with this lot. Both these men are falling to pieces. The GP and their hospitals say there is little to be done, except some kind of letter writing, even though they know neither are or can be ‘fit for work.’ First, no one would employ them as they are delusional and it doesn’t take long to work it out. Secondly, the voices have to be obeyed and sometimes this makes them vomit and fearful of leaving their front doors for even a moment. I could go into a long detail but I am sure you get the gist.

    This poor woman who had these three beautiful little boys had no idea of the fate that awaited them. She was never told she was or could be a carrier, and now is on her knees in constant prayer that her boys, who have had little life, will be made homeless, as their saving grace, their disability allowance, is going to be removed from them by PIP thereby making it impossible to pay their rent, etc., and then to be evicted because of it. This is a nightmare beyond all proportion. She fears their medication will be stopped next, as at that point they will not have a GP. The homeless can’t register for a GP.

    Of course she takes the blame for their condition. It runs in her family not the father’s, who accuses her of giving him a noose around his neck. All this and the fools who spout the policies of these who run our country can only sit and laugh together when confronted with their most devilish ‘mistakes.’


    What changes are being made? What are they turning around? We haven’t heard a word on that have we? This could see the death penalty awarded to two very sick men and their loving mother, who had once felt safe of her life and that of her very sick boys.

    It disgusts me, as it does so many others. This is a ‘death penalty’ in disguise.

  4. MilesJSD
    15/04/2016 at 6:50 am

    In the 1960’s a handful of patients and staff in the Moorhaven Hospital set to trial a Debate between two teams of the more lucid and able patients.

    The motion was close to
    {“}This house thinks that the death penalty should be strengthened {“}.

    The event was chaired by a consultant-psychiatrist [Dr Roy].
    The audience was a mix of patients and staff, about 30 or so.

    The “negative” team won by a clear margin, on the basis of “The guilty parties should be made to work to redress the harm that had been caused by their crime or other ‘unacceptable’ actions or neglects”.

    The leader of the winning team was openly told, in a small conversation group
    of staff and patients, by the consultant-psychiatrist “Your notes say you are schizophrenic, now rest assured you are not – definitely not. No schizophrene could do what you,
    as both an individual and a team member and leader too,
    have just done !”.

    But the “diagnosis” remained. ASnd is still on the record.

    That person was
    And we sang a few songs and choruses,
    helped by young M/N Michael Scott with
    “Had I the Heavens’ embroidered Cloths … I would spread the cloths under your feet;
    tread softly,
    tread softly ;
    because you tread
    – on my dreams”.

    Thank you very much.

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