Really Silly about Sunday

Baroness Deech

The recent defeat in the Commons of a proposal to give freedom to locals to decide about longer Sunday shopping hours defies belief. I understand that pious MPs want to keep Sunday special with space for religious worship and family meals.  But there is plenty of time for that for those who want it, and having to prepare, serve and clear up a traditional Sunday lunch actually prevents one from taking advantage of the current shopping hours.  How can Sunday be special if pubs are open, sporting fixtures are held, cinemas and concerts are there for entertainment, betting shops are open, internet shopping is going on apace, and all the vital services are running – police, travel, medical, utilities?  Indeed, the government is leaning on doctors to work a 7-day week – when are they going to do their shopping?  It is mostly male legislators who block longer hours. They probably never take responsibility for the weekly shop. For many women it is a feminist issue.  If they work all week, Sunday is a good day to shop together with a partner or children, especially if decisions need to be taken about major purchases.  Corner shops are worried about competition, and so they should be, because on the whole they do not measure up to larger stores.

It is the rank hypocrisy of the SNP that I don’t get. Scotland has longer shopping hours.  Are they determined to make English voters beg them to go independent?


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  1. MilesJSD
    11/03/2016 at 7:45 pm

    24/7/52 within 5-yearly repetitive, 100-yearly Constitution -up-dating, ‘democratic-voting’ – that’s the “going-civilisational-timeframing”.

    Human-Life, globally, is steady and continues just as strongly by night as by day;
    and just as equally for the 24 hours of Sunday as throughout every other ‘day’.

    We need “the opposite” of “no Sunday shopping”;
    namely, 24/7/52 “drop-ins”, “shelters”, and “holistic-health-supportive-centres”.

    Maybe “small-corner-shops” should be awarded more worker-time-off and financial-support –
    and that support should perhaps be largely paid-for out of the the Mega-International-Supermarkets’ profits –
    and in view of their privileged shift-wise legality of being open 24/7/52 if they so wish.
    As a survival competitive Species on this planet Earth1, we need to be establishing first and highest-priority, genericly-sustainworthy all-round holistic-health-building individuals and sustainworthily-civilised neighbourhoods.
    There is plenty of sober professional finding that “a little and often” is much better than “all-in-one-go”:
    “Light Endurance Exercises: (7) 10 minutes three times a week is more beneficial than half-an-hour at the weekend” [“Holistic Living” by Dr Partick Pietroni; page 72];
    “Going out to practice your backhand in tennis and hitting one-humndred balls is a good example of overuse” [“Trigger Point Self-Care Manual” by Donna Fernando,page 8].

    Human Civilisation should not be deliberately “creating” distressing-potentials and breakdowns:
    nor within that lopsided artificiality safe private estates and defence-systems for the “best”, “richest”, “most-essential”,and “most militarily strong-armed”;
    nor should civilisation be allowing its opposite, the thriving of Mafias, Triads, and other Organised Criminal Gangs and Profiteering-Cliques & Cartels;
    already the Weather and Tectonic ‘nature’ are providing more than “enough” distress
    for our “strong, fast, tough” workers, and “expertly-emulable-leaders”,
    to help us deal with.

    The Workplace demands only 25% of our time;
    the Lifeplace 75%;
    happening every day
    every day we get plenty enough time for “Rest”
    and for “Recreation”
    and for “Prayer”.

    The natural division of the 24-hour day into 90-minute cycles also makes more effective and efficient “sense”;
    and fits in with the 6-hourly division into Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night.

    Life equally 24/7, is the Fact-of-the-Matter.

    “Moderation in all things” really needs to be our Core-Life-Practice.

    “Work”, including Shopping, needs to be further developed on a 24/7 smoothing “Shifts” basis.

  2. maude elwes
    15/03/2016 at 12:45 pm

    What a load of crop. Does Israel not close down for Shabbat? Do Islamic countries not ban work on Fridays? Would they give it up to make another pound for unseen billionaires who stay faceless, whilst they take every day off that suits them?

    And just as important as Saturday is to the Jewish faith, so is Sunday for any Christian country.

    In this country Sunday should not be a day for mandatory work, regardless of the faith of those who have come to live here, as the end of the week is more than a day of worship, it is a day of rest. It keeps the status of the week in tact. It defines our culture and more, gives the family unit a ‘right’ to show unity and connection to their commitment.

    ‘Slave Planet’ is something we should all be aware is taking over our quality of life. The quicker and harder we fight back the better our satisfaction in life.

    • 19/04/2016 at 4:19 am

      I might be beaitng a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

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