Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Lord Tyler

They said it was impossible, unrealistic, over-optimistic. No select committee could be expected to produce a report in less than a month Indeed, some Peers even used this as an excuse for not supporting the otherwise infallible Motion before the House on 20th January (full comments). However, the vote was decisive: 327 to 234, an amazing majority of 93 (full division lists available here).

Well, we have done it! The Select Committee on Trade Union Political Funds and Political Party Funding has today (Wednesday 2 March) published its report – thanks to some remarkably skilful steering from its chairman, ex-Treasury mandarin Lord (Terry) Burns, and the equally indefatigable team of Clerks – without straying beyond its allotted time table. It didn’t even have to stop the clock, Brussels style, on Monday night.

As the original promoter of this mechanism to get the whole issue of the damaging effect of the “big donor culture” in British politics, back on the public and parliamentary agenda, I take pride in this achievement (see my full speech on Hansard].

The House of Lords is a place of curious timetables. The doctrine of unripe, or insufficient, time is a favourite excuse to nothing, not least on democratic reform of the Lords’ own composition. And yet, when we put our collective mind to it, we can do a serious job of work in just one month. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The Committee is clear that, contrary to ministerial assertions, the Trade Union Bill does have an impact on political party funding, and that cross-party talks must now resume. Now we have to see whether the Government can be as positive and prompt in responding to the report, as we were in producing it.

1 comment for “Where there’s a will there’s a way!

  1. MilesJSD
    02/03/2016 at 1:01 pm

    Looks ‘good as gold’ from ‘down here’, Lord Tyler;
    but clearly not as ‘good as goaled’;

    nor is it compatible with at least one of the Big Hidden Contexts, concerned with bringing us all up-to-date in human-developmental Life and Workplace “Fitnessings-for-Purpose”

    for instance, you Headline this topic “Where There’s A Will There’s A Way” –

    now, when you call upon just one of the leading (but neglected) human-developmental advances
    such as from the many given in http://www.lifefresh.co.uk “Basics” page
    you will find that
    (“) The human-imagination is far more powerful and effective than the human-will …(“):
    Ronald Shone’s world-leading “Creative Imagination”,
    [combining PhD level knowledge with general-public-level new practical know-how] …
    When will the Parliaments establish persuasion of both the Enveloping Establishment and the Huge-Majority-People-Public, that very frequently continual and even daily sometimes hourly, up-dating of our Fitnesses-for-Purpose, has become the new top-priority Governance and the new ‘outside-of-the-box-too-proactivity’
    in human-developmental & Earth-lifesupports-saving absolute and sine-qua-non necessity;
    and show that even “positive and prompt” Select Committee “achievements” are still relative dilly-dallyings and class-private-nest-featherings
    dragging along mostly ‘sinecurely’
    out of the democratic reach of the Main Majority of serious human-beings on this planet
    and that they, the Governors and the Public, need to up-to-date reform onto the better human-imagination-skills essential
    instead of remaining ‘monotheisticly’ stuck on a somewhat blind
    and often destructively wasteful chance-dependency
    upon there arising “a will” ?

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