Population does matter

Lord Hodgson

The past week has seen the completion of the House of Lord’s debate on the Government’s programme for the period leading up to the General Election in May 2015.

One overarching issue had little or no attention – an issue which will have a dramatic impact on every aspect of government policy – that is the future absolute levels of population in the UK, particularly in England.

As is always the case, one has to be clear about two things. This is not a debate about immigration or about the racial make-up of our country. The question is how future levels of population will affect every member of our settled population. Indeed, some strongly argue that it is the more recently arrived who will be the most affected. Of all the challenges that Governments face, demography has the longest lead times. A nudge on the demographic tiller has no immediate impact at all. It’s effects are felt in 10, 20 or even 50 years. That is why it is so important that all governments look to the future and decide what, if any, steps are necessary today.

The basic facts are these. The population of the United Kingdom increases every day on average by 1,250 people. That means that we are putting onto the map of Britain a large village or a small town every week for 52 weeks a year. Currently 60% of those people are what is called the natural increase – the excess of births over deaths – and 40% from immigration. Should we mind that increase? Well, it is certainly going to have an extraordinarily dramatic impact on our country. Take housing, currently 2.4 people live in every dwelling. It is our duty as a civilised society to house our fellow citizens properly. If we assume that the ratio persists – it has been falling gradually over the years – we need 480 houses every day. We need some immediately to deal with adult immigrants and some over a slightly longer period to look after children as they mature. We can all do the mathematics: 480 houses every day means 20 houses every hour, a house every three minutes, night and day.

So there is a need to step back and look at this issue in the round because the future challenge is no less dramatic. The Office of National Statistics mid projection, suggest that the population of England will grow by 13 million over the next 40 years. This will require 3.6 million homes probably half of which will need to be built in London and the South East of England.

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  1. MilesJSD
    20/06/2014 at 10:38 pm

    Surely we need to be very seriously scrutinising the greater global Contextual longest-term overarchings and underpinnings,
    as well as these short and medium term multitudinous British contextual aspects,
    of both Population and Lifesupportive-Resources ?

    And surely we need to perhaps even more seriously and courageously come to a Sustainworthily Intelligent Worldview and likewise a Sustainworthy Measure of The Human Being ?

    To prepare for such radical, yet still hopefully peaceful, self-searching and Lifesupports measuring and conserving, why are we not already “all together” scrutinising the available publications of fact, factor, and graphicly incontrovertible detail, on Population and Lifesupportive-Resources ?

    The most recent of these, briefly, should surely include:

    “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth”
    [Serious UK TV documentary; Presenter: Sir David Attenborough].

    “Doomsday 2210”
    [Deadly-serious TV documentary, of scientific facts, factors and graphicly incontrovertible details].
    Yet a medium term “aspect” question might possibly help,
    if enforced by such a Body as The United Nations,

    “What could Britain’s sustainworthy Proportion of the world-population, and of the Earth’s renewable and non-renewable stock-in-ground and resources, be guaranteed as ?”.

  2. maude elwes
    22/06/2014 at 4:48 pm

    The impact on the nation of such a population explosion is overwhelming, not simply for this country but the whole of Europe. It was a deliberate move by our politicians (under whose orders I wonder) in order to rub the ‘rights’ noses in it. But it ended up rubbing all our noses in it? Those in both Houses who voted for this attack on the citizens of this small island community should face the music and be forced to live with the hoards who have no homes or have to live on filthy run down council estates. For unless those culprits and their families feel the same pain as those who have nothing to look forward to as citizens of this country, now or in their future, nothing will dramatically change to improve our lot.

    Here is a link to those who want us to leave the EU as a result of this massive change to our communities. However, they refuse to tackle the fact that 80% of immigration into the UK come from outside the EU. Meaning Europe is to blame for only 20%.


    Yet to date, we have been told it is in our interests to keep reproduction controlled in our indigenous population, either through contraception or abortion. Yet, when we are reproducing at the politically low desired rate, politicians decide we must bring in the world to over populate our land mass without any concept of the results of such a move or of the planning required to accommodate this influx.


    Daily Mail and other newspapers, regularly vilify British women who have large families that resemble many immigrant groups. They ridicule the family with pictures and presumed amounts of money they are receiving in benefits and use their children in a shameful and humiliating tirade against them, whilst at the same time, avoid doing the same to migrant families for fear they will face a lawsuit if they do.


    So, government needs to make up its mind, either it wants population growth that enables immigrants to come here and find low paid work, as the British, we are told, will not do. Or, it wants those indigenous already here to breed healthily and increase the population in order to lessen the need for an immigrant input.

    Or, as is being suggested in this thread, it now wants to put a cut on population, yet, it doesn’t want to stop immigration even when all those suffering people we see thrown on the street tell us, there is no proper work or training to sustain a stable life for any of them. What is it to be?. Because at the rate you unstable political rulers are going here, you are forcing us into cultural genocide. So, once you come to a decision on the real issue of sustainable population growth, we will be able to take steps to correct it. And not until.

    • K
      29/06/2014 at 10:25 am

      Another idea in the process of being explored;

      5 minute introduction clip to the New Earth project.

  3. MilesJSD
    24/06/2014 at 4:44 pm

    We need to know,
    and to publicly-participatively extendedly-scrutinise,
    the components of this UK population control matter
    but firstly surely grasp its hugely-overarching ‘Earth-World Life Control’ needs & problems.

    One instantial component
    here today within the Lords of the Blog Democratic-Reach-Out-to-the-Participatory-Public
    might well be “how to allot and control democratic words-per-head”
    (starting with our own UK’s mere 60 million odd, but including ‘win-win-win Method III’ the 7 billion-and-ballooning World Population);

    Majorly then, what must all the other components of the Population and
    ‘Life Control’ World-Issue
    and of this possibly lesser UK population-control issue
    be ?

  4. P.Selvaratnam
    26/06/2014 at 1:18 pm

    Some of the developing countries which began population control methods decades ago have gone into reverse, eg Sri Lanka. Last year when the extremist Buddhist group known as Bodu Bala Sena (responsible for recent attacks on Muslims – written question by Baroness Brinton on 25 June in the House of Lords)) asked the President to halt the permanent control method LRT the President instantly obliged by asking the medical services to stop all permanent control methods and LRT is now abandoned (hope the policy is temporary) in Sri Lanka.

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