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Population does matter

Lord Hodgson

The past week has seen the completion of the House of Lord’s debate on the Government’s programme for the period leading up to the General Election in May 2015. One overarching issue had little or no attention – an issue which will have a dramatic impact on every aspect of government policy – that is…

Chinese tourist visas

Baroness Valentine

Good launch on Wednesday with Mark Harper, the immigration minister of the UK China Visa Alliance. They’re trying to make it easier for high spending Chinese tourists to enter the Country – at the moment we get five times fewer of these than France – because a Schengen visa gets you to 26 European countries…

Worries In Weymouth


In the last few days I have suddenly been receiving emails and posts on my Facebook asking about muslims, immigration and the English Defence League. Why are people in my peaceful home town of Weymouth suddenly getting all worked up about these issues? Weymouth is not a town with very much ethnic diversity. The latest…