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Please support this protest

Lord Hylton

Sapatan Village near Semdinli, Hakkari Province, SE Turkey – This is a village of some 2000 people in SE Turkey, not far from the frontier. One Turkish special operations police officer had been killed (probably by PKK insurgents) on or just before 6 August 2017. On that day, probably in the early morning, the whole…

Academics for Peace – Urgent Call for Xerabe Bava in Turkey

Lord Hylton

Academics for Peace members in Germany and the UK have issued an urgent call to draw attention to a round-the-clock military curfew imposed on the Kurdish village (Xerabe Bava – Korukoy) in Mardin-Nusaybin, in Turkey (221.2.2017): “As Turkey’s constitutional referendum is approaching, we are, once again, witnessing an intensification of state violence in the Kurdish…