Academics for Peace – Urgent Call for Xerabe Bava in Turkey

Lord Hylton

Academics for Peace members in Germany and the UK have issued an urgent call to draw attention to a round-the-clock military curfew imposed on the Kurdish village (Xerabe Bava – Korukoy) in Mardin-Nusaybin, in Turkey (221.2.2017):

“As Turkey’s constitutional referendum is approaching, we are, once again, witnessing an intensification of state violence in the Kurdish provinces of Turkey. For more than a week, there has been no communication with the people of Xerabê Bava (Koruköy), a village in Mardin-Nusaybin. The village is under round-the-clock military curfew and there have been claims that villagers are being tortured and executed. Visitors, including journalists, MPs and human rights observers were denied entry to the village.

We are concerned that what is going on in Xerabê Bava might be a harbinger of approaching larger scale state violence against the Kurdish population and other minority populations in Turkey. Since the violence exercised on Kurdish population has become a strategy for the government in order to consolidate a nationalistic support for the referendum, it is crucial to raise an urgent reaction to this violence at its very beginning. We, therefore, urge international human rights organizations, journalists, and peace coalitions to pay attention to Xerabê Bava and take the necessary steps to investigate the allegations of rights violations in the village.”

Academics for Peace is a group of academics from Turkey who signed a petition in January 2016 calling for an end to state violence against the Kurds and the Turkish state’s ongoing violation of its own laws and international treaties.



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  1. 08/03/2017 at 9:25 pm

    Diferent “slippery-slopes” are prevailing here, and they are further exacerbatingly conflicting with each..

    If the foundational first-stage of
    Method III “No-Lose” Needs & Hows and Cooperative Problem Solving
    has failed, been missed, wasn’t available,
    or didn’t even exist –

    then your partnership/family/neighbourhood/nation’s mere “need” or “problem” has “escalated” into a “conflict” situation,
    the methodology for the resolving which is more difficult than the first-stage Method III of Cooperative Problem Solving.

    Failing to Collaboratively resolve that stage of the conflict,
    the conflict rolls on steeper and steeper down a bigger “slippery-slope”
    until it “crashes” and a fight-crisis breaks out.

    Note: Only now is the “Crisis-Team” called into action –
    and such “teams” can, and do, slide-on-down further
    into all-out bloody civil
    and even international
    The fact that “Academics for Peace”
    (as well as almost all other “peace” groups worldwide)
    have failed
    and are continuing to fail
    to implement first-stage Method III Cooperative Problem Solving –
    in their main communities
    and in their university courses,
    actually makes them a causative “slippery-slope”- part
    of he overall mish-mash of bigger, and smalle,r “Slippery Slopes” –
    and of “standing-detached-watching-and-waiting,
    and “-doing-as-little-as-possible or nothing at all” ….

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