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Euston Cross – a cheaper, better and less intrusive solution to the London terminus of HS2

Lord Berkeley

Lord Berkeley and Jonathan Roberts today (11 September 2015) launched their Report on Euston Express, the alternative to the HS2 scheme for Euston and its approaches. Euston Express will save Government £1.5bn to £2bn, can be completed more quickly that the HS2 scheme, and puts HS2 and WCML services into the existing station, with 3…

High speed timetable for reform?

Lord Tyler

Everyone seems to think we are in for quite a light legislative session after Easter.  We will not know for sure until after the Queen’s Speech in June, but what are blogs for if not to speculate! One big issue which will plainly pre-occupy quite a lot of MPs’ time is the labyrinthine ‘hybrid Bill’…