Euston Cross – a cheaper, better and less intrusive solution to the London terminus of HS2

Lord Berkeley

Lord Berkeley and Jonathan Roberts today (11 September 2015) launched their Report on Euston Express, the alternative to the HS2 scheme for Euston and its approaches. Euston Express will save Government £1.5bn to £2bn, can be completed more quickly that the HS2 scheme, and puts HS2 and WCML services into the existing station, with 3 or 4 platform created where there are currently wide spaces.   All would be fitted into the existing railway and station width.  A deck over the platforms would provide space for passenger facilities, and some tracks would be extended southwards towards Euston Road to allow for the longer HS2 trains and in the future longer WCML trains. Euston Express would link Old Oak Common by a shorter tunnel emerging near Queens Park Station within  the WCML boundaries, and all trains would then use the existing WCML tracks into Euston, following almost universal continental practice of high speed lines using existing classic lines for the last few miles into city termini, to avoid the massive disruption and cost of pushing new lines through sensitive urban city environments For Euston Express, there would be no need to demolish large residential and bus9iness areas west of the approaches or near the station, and the years of construction interference, including 680 trucks a day taking spoil out of the excavations, would be avoided. Lord Berkeley commented ‘this is a scheme that will work, saving Government £1.5bn to £2 bn, and reduce disruption to passenger and residents during the construction. ‘I urge ministers to ask HS2 to adopt this cost effective scheme and, hopefully, reduce time both of the Select Committee hearing petitions, and in the construction of the project.’

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