Fifty years of service

Lord Norton


In a recent post on Lords of the Blog, I drew attention to the impending retirement of three women peers.  They included Baroness Knight of Collingtree, who before entering the Lords had, as Jill Knight, been MP for Birmingham Edgbaston.  Yesterday, I attended a lunch to mark her fifty years in Parliament.  For almost eighteen of those fifty years, she has shared an office with yours truly.

The guest speaker was former PM Sir John Major, who explained that he would not have become an MP had it not been for her willingness to support him in his attempt to get on the candidates’ list.  To get on the list, he needed the support of a Conservative MP.  As a councillor in Brixton, he noted there were not many local Conservative MPs that he could approach!  He therefore asked Jill Knight, who he had met while canvassing, if she would sponsor him.  He recorded how much he had reason to be grateful to her.  He did say that political opponents may not be quite so grateful.

Baroness Knight retires from the House on 24 March.


2 comments for “Fifty years of service

  1. MilesJSD
    19/03/2016 at 4:31 pm

    How many other success-stories should we have been enabled to follow ?

    In a democracy, the duty of Representatives
    is surely to know and legislate provision to every-one’s Needs
    – [and we’d expect, also those Needs’ most sustainworthily-affordable ‘Hows’] –

    which being ‘The Case’, all representatives would be voicing the same sorts of Needs & Hows
    {[ perhaps one should start wondering why then we have to have so many hundreds of them, in each House ? ]}

    My point will be that we citizens should be very aware of more than just one local MP
    [who alas! has no duty even to acknowledge a need notified by a constituent]
    maybe we should have a two-way contact channel with at least one member from each Party in each House
    we are all too aware of the ASC-ing* celebrities, and hardly ever realise how many dozens of them, along with similarly ASC-ing “leaders and public-figures”,
    have lodged themselves, or been lodged by media, in our minds and memories,
    and kept on all our ‘back-simmerers’ by continual advertisement and even by ‘one-way’ subliminal penetration.

    Whatever the quality, and representational-success, of a peer or other such public representative-and-defender,
    one would expect that something like a Hansard weekly publication of every member’s activity, by very brief Keyword-Bulletin of such,
    would be welcomed by the Public
    much more prioritously than the mainly-meretricious media and “entertainment” trickeries and diversions by fantasisers, comics, and sex-cum-horror-alarmists.

    You do see our uncomfortable human-civilisational and democratic-duty ‘soul-pain’, I trust –
    that our dearest lifesupporters, our Rulers, are ‘lifespan’ practically all keeping themselves or being-kept in
    ‘seemingly-pseudo-cinderella ‘ remote-esoteric-incognition ?
    * Altering of our States of Consciousness [usually exploitatively, manipulatively, or win-lose-‘cooperatively-competitively’.

  2. Lin Gall
    06/04/2016 at 7:00 pm

    My husband Glenn and I met Jill Knight in the mid-nineties while she was visiting Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. We kept in touch with her all these years via post and visits and have valued her friendship highly. We wish her all the best in her retirement.

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