Europe’s Trumps

Baroness Deech

Reading the worldwide condemnation of Donald Trump for his view that the US should bar all Muslim entrants, you would have thought that he was unique in his prejudice. Not so. Here on our European doorstep the same sentiment is being evinced, sometimes in even cruder terms. Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria have all said no to Muslim refugees, or that they will only accept Christians. Japan has refused them. The Gulf States and Saudi Arabia refuse all migrants, though in their case it is not a religious bar. Apostasy and blasphemy are punishable by death in some 13 countries, including Pakistan. Burma persecutes religious minorities. And, sadly, so on. Trump is not exceptional but the fact that he is American brings wrath upon his head from which others escape. Europe has become a continent of ethnic and religious hatred and division, unimaginable when the EU was established.

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  1. maude elwes
    06/01/2016 at 5:04 am

    This thread is interesting in that it indirectly condemns free speech and especially free speech for possible leaders of the free world. Now why is that? Cleverly Baroness Deech raises a few of the many who speak out, one way or another, against the wishes of those behind political correctness. Yet, the most important issue in all of this is, who are these gangs of Globalists who demand how we should think and express ourselves to the very point where our schools are being horrifically directed into removing the right to freely think, from the very beginning of life, by removing the notion of freedom of expression.

    What has Trump said? Now lets see, ‘ban people who openly attack the ‘Principles of Democracy’ the rights of women and the freedom go about your business on a daily basis without fear of being beheaded for doing so.’ And he said it with the added sense of reflection on ‘until we find out what the hell is going on.’ And that last sentiment is what fears our hidden rulers most. They are deeply afraid of us finding out ‘what the hell is going on.’ Why is that?

    Islam is fundamentally opposed to Democracy, freedom of speech, equality and the rule of law from a Christian perspective. Therefore, allowing millions of people to settle in any society that despises what that host society and host culture stands for is immediate surrender. No wonder Trump is asking us all to consider ‘what the hell is going on.’ Yet, he must be banned for speaking out. How crazy is that?

    Why are our government officials and those elected to stand up for our way of life and our rights within that way of life not asking, very loudly, what the hell is going on? This is not a right or left issue, it is an issue of much gravest parts than whether you want Cameron or Corbyn’s idea of the future. It is whether or not we want any resemblance to the civilisation we created or evolved in our part of the world.

    The single fault I find with Trumps message is, do we need any en masse immigration at all by any creed or belief system until we are all fully aware of what the hell is going on? Who are these Globalists? What is their objective? What do they see as our future lifestyle and principles? Why do they feel they have a right to dictate what we say and think and if those word and thoughts do not suit them, accuse us of some crime or another in order to keep their objectives hidden, until it is too late for any of us to do something about it. Who elected these people who are calling for such a change to our well being?

    Have the peoples in our Western democracies been given a vote on this open door immigration policy to all and sundry? Do we want them and their way of life to swallow us up and change our convictions and standards to a life we will not consider worth living? Do we want to continue with a quality of life we had or have? Or, do we want to continue to absorb an alien existance that in the main goes against everything we collectively believe in?

    And what are we now reading and hearing about, right across Europe today, that is taking place against females both adults and children? Do any of you want to look at it? And if not, why not?

    And you do not believe this ‘rape war’ is well thought out and deliberate? If that is so you are too naive to be partly running a country of any kind.

    The idea is mass insemination of Muslim blood.

    Finally, politicians and their followers, who try to pretend this is not taking place throughout Europe and the UK, should be tried under the same laws as those set up for holocaust deniers, just as the rest of us are if we deny Hitler’s Germany massacred jews.

    • MilesJSD
      06/01/2016 at 1:37 pm

      How “afraid of what is going on” are we all ? Are you ?

      I am currently trying to grasp “Sufficiency Economy” by Samuel Alexander, whose Simplicity Institute appears to be the only one on the planet to be ‘leading’ the “Economic Degrowth Movement”, and of which Helena Norberg-Hodge says “this book highlights the premise -and the necessity – of localised, ecological economics as the only means of adequately confronting the crises that are converging upon us”
      crises which include not only population ballooning, civil-wars, water-food-&shelter shortages, mass-extinctions, and destructive-wastages of both bio- and non-bio resources and lifesupports,
      but deeply underlying xenophobias, neglected individual-and-social human-development abilities, and flawed judicial and educational foundations both.

      To what those leaders are saying needs to be added:
      Very well; and also priority-wise start using all of the civil and educational services, including the police and armed forces, in miniscule teams in all local-neighbourhoods,
      and between conflicting-communities and individuals such as those in this ‘Trump discriminatory complex’,
      and use them peacefully, ‘non-interventionally, simply as “door security” and “cooperatively-participative communication facilitators”,
      to keep small-groups assembled learning, and cooperatively resolving their common and especially their ‘conflicting’ needs & ‘how-best-to-meet-them’;
      and to likewise ‘no-lose’ resolve any problems along the way.
      Footnote: My ‘problem’ with Samuel Alexander’s very recent 2015, and clearly World-Leading publication,
      is the same as Dr Joad’s of the WW2-era BBC Brains Trust:
      “It all depends what you mean by ‘sufficiency'” –

      because even our best leaders still want to be being given, and to have the “right to demand”, many human-livings from the common-purse and environment.

      So I think the “answer” to this Thread’s several issues is,
      that we each-&-all need to
      “peacefully-revolutionarily, ‘moratoriumly’ if you will, resolve our ‘needs-now’,
      and likewise agree and plan our means of meeting whatever our Needs may become, into the “deep future” –
      as “Life on Earth succeeds, or fails”.

  2. Gerald Black Jr.
    19/01/2016 at 4:07 pm

    As an American concerned about our future, I applaud the British Parliament for taking up the issue of banning Donald Trump for his hateful, unnecessary rhetoric. I am equally disappointed that Parliament chose not to ban him. I am a staunch advocate of free speech, but Mr. Trump’s speech is in fact dangerous and that should not be acceptable to anyone. There are times history when we must take a stand to rebuke this kind of rhetoric. I am reminded of Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler. God forbid he should be elected. I believe Parliament’s side stepping is tacit appeasement of this hateful, dangerous rhetoric. While Britain is our closest ally and dearest friend, make no mistake Trump will piss on the lot of you if it serves his agenda.

    • maude elwes
      21/01/2016 at 10:11 pm

      @ Gerald Black Jr:

      From my point of view, you are far more dangerous than Donald Trump. Free speech, liked or disliked, is a requirement of a true democracy. And Trump is at very least putting freedom back into speech in your country.

      Floating ideas, offering a different approach or not being stultified by the current flavour of the month called political correctness, is in fact an opening up of a long closed shop. It always puzzles me how some speech, by types who want to close the mouths of the maverick, find them acceptable if the speech is claustrophobic and goes along with the ‘keep you mouth shut’ mantra we have had to swallow for so long now.

      It’s about time the US had at least a couple of people who are once again opening up debate and discussion to the people of their country. Trump and Bernie Sanders, although from two ends of the spectrum, are making a heroic stand against those who wish to keep us all quiet, both sides of the Atlantic.

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