New Arrivals in Europe

Lord Hylton

This year Europe as a whole has faced its biggest challenge since the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Soviet Union.  Then it responded by helping the ex-communist states and by trying to do something for the people of Russia.

Challenged by huge numbers coming from the Middle East, the EU as a whole has failed to agree, though it has offered a large bribe to Turkey, to persuade it to hold back those on the move, away from war and oppression.  Some states have put up fences or refused to take in anyone.  Others have imposed restrictions on who they will take.  Britain has made a small offer, while contributing very generously to the cost of camps and relief in the Middle East.

The only leader to come out well has been Chancellor Merkel in Germany.  She has defied the sceptics, even in her own party, as well as miscellaneous neo-nazis and others. She boldly asserted “we can do this” meaning settle and put to work almost a million people.

I hope her bold stand will shame others in Europe, but especially America, Australia, New Zealand etc to throw their doors more generously open.

I wish a happy Christmas and New Year to all who see this blog.

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  1. MilesJSD
    24/12/2015 at 6:41 pm

    “People” have become a destructively-competitive exponentially-runaway “plague on Earth”;
    “somebody has got to get it through to the Economists that they have a fundamental equation wrong somewhere”
    (Prof Jonathan Stone; Prof David Smith; both in Australian Environmental Studies (1980 TV onwards)”.
    “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth ?” [host Sir David Attenborough}.
    Many more publications e.g. “Doomsday 2210” TV documentary.
    Recently “The Politics of Actually Existing Unsustainability” (John Barry) and
    “Sufficiency Economy” (Samuel Alexander 2015).

    All have truly leaderful informations and thinkings to justify them.

    Their problem is that they are still “owned and directed” by the very failing principalities and powers they ‘rail’ against;
    and these “our civilization has failed, here’s how to put it right’ writers, to a man exclude themselves from practically-participating with, and becoming emulable by, ‘on the ground’ and ‘amongst the grass roots peoples’ themselves..

    Underpinning all of this “refugee-people and sustainworthiness-needing-nations slowly-insidious debacle” is the failure, at every peak of governance, and every ‘trough’ of local neighbourhoods, to institute ‘Friendly No-Lose Method III Needs & Hows Recognition and ‘win’win’win’ Cooperative Problem Solving and Planning,

    Do please start visiting Not-For-Profit-Nor-Power
    for more detail within this overshadowing and underlurking
    and for what to further do, and who to follow, to establish
    ‘saving’ both your-self and our wider communities and civilisations
    With the Seasons Greetings too.

  2. maude elwes
    27/12/2015 at 11:10 am

    @ Lord Hylton:

    Your analysis on Merkel is misguided. What she has created, by her utter ignorance of human psychology and natural instinct, is to take Germany from a country of progressing civilisation into a nation of a once tolerant people on the verge of civil war. And anyone with their eyes wide open to reality would be able to see this and deeply regret the deliberate obfuscation she, and the rest of the political elite, have tried to impose on Europe and the West by forcing a regressive ideology to the point of altogether obliterating a culture of excellence.

    We are all aware that war is a good way for the monied to build themselves a billionaire status, but, to do this, whilst building a pyre for themselves is without question, utter madness. And the rejection by those who are and will suffer most is being unleashed as we write, with a fury across Europe for all to see.

    Her actions, and that of the of her supporters in this human tragedy, is akin to the Nazi regime you site in her favour. As, what she and her Globalist masters are doing, is a move toward intended genocide of the indiginous European culture and all its importance to the world.

    When is it you and your followers will realise that even now the host culture is disappearing in front of your eyes? And when will enough be too much? The refusal to accept genuine statistics on the factual downslide of changes to our European way of life, and the expectations of our societies aspirations, has to be suicidal, or, of a deeply held enmity toward that you wish to expel.

    What is it you want? What is the ultimate outcome you feel will be completed by this chaos created on a pretence of ‘betterment of mankind’? Explain in detail the motives and vision of the plan you back. As, for me, and millions of European citizens, it is an enigma with no logic.

  3. 28/12/2015 at 8:15 pm

    Lord Hylton,

    a happy Christmas to you. These are very challenging times. But I appreciate what you are writing. This is a good time for many of us to search our souls…

  4. MilesJSD
    04/01/2016 at 2:38 pm

    Hello again Frank Summers (USA still ?) … worldwide … ?
    “These very challenging times … appreciate … search our souls …”

    Internally-challenging factors too ?
    And how then ‘re-relate’ to the externally-changing world and its challenging-times ?

    CG Jung advised a distinction between the
    “feminine soul as ‘anima’ in the man”
    and the
    “masculine spirit as ‘animus’ in the woman’:

    But comes “Mindfulness”,
    apparently ‘cleanly’ sweeping the world-of-the-‘concerned’
    with ever-increasing strengths and re-energisings –

    [but we need to keep self- familiarising with ‘hidden’, nonetheless ‘ultimate’ ,
    human & life strategic issues
    such as are being sought out by

    especially seeking the underlying still-iatrogenicly avoided and excluded, but prerequisite-primary-essential, in body-mind-spirit ‘sine-qua-non’ ground-level enablement,
    of “Somatics”
    [Charlotte Selver, and Thomas Hanna, each a sound foundation, in itself as well as holisticly-genericly] –

    and what other ‘established’ or ‘new’ background should we now seek out,
    to enable our entry
    [but especially that of our representative and somewhat overarching governance “International Community” people}
    into soul-searching –
    sufficiently-comprehensively ‘informed’ ?
    The Further Seasons Greetings to one and all …

    And I “give way” …

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