War-war, Jaw-Jaw or Snore-Snore?

Lord Tyler

I have taken a few days to mull over the statement made by David Cameron last week, expressing shock, admission and apology over the assassination of Patrick Finucane in 1989. As with his Bloody Sunday and Hillsborough statements you would have to be super-cynical not to admire the PM for the forthright way in which he faced up to the enormities of official ignorance and cover-up under previous governments.

I was disheartened by the very negative reaction of the Finucane family to the report of Sir Desmond de Silva. Obviously, anyone in their position would wish that there had been a full judicial inquiry years ago. So there should have been, and those that were directly or indirectly involved in the murder should have been brought to trial. However, to tear up the present report, and start all over again now, would surely undermine the very strength of its trenchant conclusions and of Cameron’s condemnation of this crime. Would a new inquiry so long after the event really reveal anything more?

I was glad that my Liberal Democrat colleague Lord (John) Alderdice and the Leader of the Lords would have no truck with the dangerous delusion that the best way to defend democracy was to tear up the law of the land. There was almost universal cross party support for their position, in the Lords as well as the Commons, condemning the scandalous involvement of representatives of the state in murder. However, one Unionist Peer seemed to condone the complete betrayal of the rule of law it represented. You can read the exchanges here. No wonder there are still hotheads in Northern Ireland who are prepared to try to sabotage democratic decision-making by violent means.

Throughout these highly-charged exchanges two Peers – outrageously – slept on the red benches, snoring noisily: perhaps they were trying to make a point – jaw-jaw is better than war-war, and snore-snore is better than both?

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  1. Rhodri Mawr
    18/12/2012 at 3:09 pm

    Part of my parliamentary concerns over the years Lord Tyler, has been for various murders, including “year and a day” promoted by a Newcastle journal; the genocides of the FRY as well.

    It is hard to say why except for a personal family history over 1000 years, ago, which was fratricidal in Wales!

    I have been obliged in the last three or four months, to consider the function of the state in the murder of a British Sunni Muslim family in the South East of France, with whom I was friendly many years ago, and also within a month of their deaths, when I unwittingly ignored a request from them for help, for what were death threats.

    Whereas the Finucane family is deeply rootéd in the culture of Irish Islands, the Muslim community is not.

    Cameron did make a similar expression whilst with the French president the day after the killings, but you may be quite sure that they will be forgotten, are already, very quickly.

    It is interesting to note that even in the Laws of Alfred+Ine/Hywel and others, of the 10thC AD, compensation could be made for such death, whereas the crime which undermined the community’s sense of security
    was theft ( and theft in the form of paedophilia, child theft, as well).

    Little has changed in the psyche of these islands’ people, and indeed those of France.

    Saad Al Hilli, who was murdered along with his wife and mother-in-law, was concerned with acquiring the intellectual capital of a variety of higly scientific enterprises who objected to him doing it, (nuclear satellite robotic technology)

    They murdered him for it, whoever they, the corporate commissioners of the crime, are.

    The noble Lord Tyler worries about political crime, after an Iraqi war which was sponsored and started by entirely unidentifiable international corporations.

    Al Hilli was also murdered by such enterprise, and yet there is scarcely a murmur of dissent.

    In the days of the Crusades(!) the Order of St John of Amalfi+Jerusalem made the judgment that an act against any one of their proerties/domains was an act against all of them, ie that they claimed “Sovereignty” over all of them. They are a Sovereign order represented at the UN, entirely public in their affirmation of it.

    Today’s corporations, in the world of shareholder democracy (millions of shares in one pair of hands) are secretive, and apparently highly sensitive about their intellectual capital, sufficient to commit murder for it.

    They make no claim to exercice sovereignty,
    but their power to lobby is so great that governments are swayed by them, to do what they are told, AND to start debilitating wars.

    Business is business. The acquisition of knowledge for whatever purpose is surely not something that a man should be executed for;
    it does not undermine the community’s sense of security or safety, and yet a murder on the high road of France is done with impunity.

    The non-sovereign international corporation says, by way of medium not message, that he was “stealing”,and had to pay the price that thieves would have paid in the early 19thC.

    Is that not far more significant, about the ways of the modern world, than the murder of a man more than 20 years ago, about which we must all be deeply sorry?

    Remark that the Unity of the Christian faith
    AGAINST Islam, which even so constitutes an important part of the faiths of these British Islands, is the one cause of the hugely improved unity of the Islands of Ireland today.

    Merry Xmas and festive season.

  2. Senex
    19/12/2012 at 10:52 am

    Why has the Noble Lady the Head of State separated her subjects and her conscience from their rightful protection under Constitutional Law in the High Court of Parliament?

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    • Rhodri Mawr
      19/12/2012 at 6:03 pm

      I’m wondering the same, probably persuaded by Cameron, with the usual flattery.

      • maude elwes
        29/12/2012 at 2:21 pm

        Over the brief, too brief, holiday amongst Santa and his friends, I heard so many pleads for bigger, better and more. So it brought this to mind by Janis Joplin and reminded me of the Lords and the Commons.

        Hope all of you enjoy it in the same way I did.

        Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.


  3. Rhodri Mawr
    19/12/2012 at 11:02 am

    The question of soverignty arises obviously not in the shareholder corporate sense in Irealnd even now, but most successfully defused
    by Senator Mitchell. The flag dispute a fortnight ago was in honour of the settlement!

    Not many countries in the world are part of a different country for just one or two days a year, which “Northern” Ireland is!

  4. MilesJSD
    20/12/2012 at 10:18 am

    Our human history is taken up 50% by wars;
    so they appear to be essential to our survival. thrival, and further-progress.

    Similarly evidently essential has become
    even as apparently-far-overdone, by “jaw-jaw-ings”.

    For both of these apparently “wasteful” extremes, the “win-win-win” Method III Cooperative Problem Solving appears to be both the right and the sufficient Solution;

    but is being “Cinderella’d”, poo-pooed, judged to be “too slow”;
    not the established diplomatic-dialogue and sequence of conflict-management.
    Recall also the long-since well known fact of the complexity of our human-constitution

    “For I am fearfully and wondrously made”
    “Moderation in all things”
    “If it itches, scratch it”
    “In church or chapel, let it rattle”
    and not least
    “Sleepers Wake !”

    and amid your recollections, realise that the healthy human sleep cycle, which is naturally around ninety minutes, places one in touch with the creative layers of one’s Brain, both as one falls asleep and (given the full 90 minutes) just before waking up.
    I would say, therefore, that the two
    (but only two ?)
    sleepers’ message
    (be it conscious- or unconscious-ly intended)
    is a vital one
    going straight to Britain’s Overall Health and Individual-Human-Development Needs and Legislation,
    the full updating of which may be the Key to improving all other legislation.

  5. Rhodri Mawr
    20/12/2012 at 3:25 pm

    Our human history is taken up 50% by wars;

    In the words of Padre Pío
    “There has to be peace in your hearts for there to be peace in the world”
    Peace on Earth also being one of the many messages of this festive season.

    On a historical rather than a religious note, hunter gatherers must have spent as little time on war as possible, to survive.
    It was only when competition arose for hunting ground, that arguments began, surely.
    Plains Indians were more owned by the buffalo herd than owning them.

    In modern capitalist and globalist society, even the smallest femtobyte/picobyte is valued by somebody, and is fought over;
    even the language we use to send out messages in digital form is fiercely fought over, for profit.

    If man can fight today, he has to, to survive, or they cut out his simple digital power of speech and take away his seed crop, modify it, and say it is theirs.

    Man has learnt that all sound is divisible in to dots and dashes, and all seed can be modified, germinated in different ways.

    It may be more than 50%, and it may be that as soon as you step out of your door or gate, you are entering into a warlike world, that trade is a scaled down form of battle.

    There is most certainly a war on the roads for those who use them,(1600 dead per year in UK(?)) and without vehicles, how much trade would we actually do at all, at any time?!

    • MilesJSD
      26/12/2012 at 7:18 pm

      This little insider-snapshot from Lord Tyler is like a pinhole-peephole below-decks at the cargo of ‘slaves’;
      a ‘leak’ akin to Swift’s penetrating and dramatised ‘whistleblowing’ via “Gulliver’s Travels”.

      Let me comment out of my first emotional-reactions:
      (1) Peace demands more, and more intricate, skills and morals than does War;

      but note that (“)The human imagination is far more powerful and effective than is the human will(“)
      [Ronald Shone in “Creative Visualisation”]

      which leads us on to realising how neglectful our racing-ahead-tooled-and-weaponed-up- civilisations have been, and still are being, towards the education of the human-imagination,
      for sustainworthy-lifestyling in our Lifeplaces
      possibly much more vitally so than for Workplaces wherein only a few professionally-genius minds need to have highly skilled and business-experienced imaginations.

      (2) Possibly it is also the failure of Education to be In-depth & All-Round in both its Individual-Human-Development and Aggregate-Human-Development arms of civilisation, including in the guidance and nurturing of mindful-peace and contemplative-creativity skills, that is also to blame for Warlordings, Overly-Wasteful & Destructive-“Economics”, and for Individually-Capitalist & “Democratic” overkills of Finite-Resources, and “bandaids”, quick-fixes”, “blitzkreigs”, “monopolisations”,
      “cartels” and “cornered-agendas”
      not to mention the multiple russian-roulette-like financial-derivativisationisms inflationarily-ballooning mere millions-of-dollars into paper-figures totalling quadrillions.

      (3) Roads !
      (“)As soon as you step out of your door you are entering into a warlike world, where trade has become a form of battle, and there is War-on-the-roads(“)

      because in a very real sense, certainly all of the modern world’s main roads are dominantly little other than Dalek-like extensions of Factory Production Belts;

      and incidentally, some 30 years ago some research in Australia showed that it is the heavy industrial road vehicles that start the potholes and do most damage to roads including freeways, motorways, autobahns, and to mazes of village back-streets;
      it is not the literally billions of “private-cars” that cause the damage, the potholes, in their hundreds of millions
      (incidentally of equally aggressive “right-of-way” private-motorists juggernauting even more threateningly than the ‘economic’ heavy-brigades)

      the stupid and shortsighted proliferation of nouveau-essential-aristocrats
      [‘lording it’, each in his or her “private” or “essential-service” car more securely and luxuriously than Hannibal-the-Great on a great and majesticly towering mighty elephant][and incidentally, where’s the fuel going to come from to lift-off the Space-Survival Chosen-Pioneers to colonise the next Earthlike-planet somewhere out in the Galaxy ?

      the private cars “human-right” is probably a greater sinful “addiction” and “War-Crime”
      than are the economic-transport ‘panzer’-armies, that deliver our plentiful and luxurious foods, drinks, clothings and household-supports.
      The evil-root of this issue certainly appears to be the out-of-touch-with-real-life, and the-over-luxuriation, not just of our Establishment, Legislatory, Judiciary, Civil-Service, Individually-Capitalistic Super-Rich, and Multiple-Livings-Consuming Middle-class people in general,
      but even the lowest-incomed and under-educated masses too.
      The whole Human Race is living far beyond not only its own human means, but beyond the means of Earth’s Lifesupports their very selves;
      and both Sedentaries such as The Lords, and Educationists-at-large, should turn to Rudolf Steiner’s, Guy & Kathlyn Hendricks’s, Rudolf Laban’s, Thomas Hanna’s, Moshe Feldenkrais’s, Linda Hartley’s, Ronald Shone’s, Mabel Todd’s, and Edward de Bono’s educational methodologies, for integrated health-of-body & mind.

  6. Nazma FOURRE
    28/12/2012 at 10:43 pm

    My dear Lord Tyler,
    In any case of suspicious death, the corroner’s attention should have been directed in order to engage necessary enquiries according to English law. If conclusions about assassination has been concluded, the murderer should be chased and brought to justice. Scotland yard should be throughly investigating in that relating matter.
    May God bless thee and the other beloved lords. MayGod save the United kingdom and the Queen.
    Nazma FOURRE

  7. maude elwes
    03/01/2013 at 4:38 pm

    Here is some serious food for thought for the start of 2013.

    Where are we being taken as a nation? Does anyone really know what and who is leading us and to what?




    And how we buy it. Is this what we are voting for? Corporate domination taking us into the devastation of human slavery right here in the UK as we watch our fellow man lining up for food at outlets for our starving? What we don’t see is hidden by our journalists who stay silent for fear of losing their jobs.


    Every one of us who know what is happening and stay quiet as we watch it, is being a traitor to humanity.

    2013 is the time to see change on the ground.

  8. Gareth Howell
    04/01/2013 at 9:07 am

    it is not the literally billions of “private-cars” that cause the damage

    The depletion of the ozone layer depletion came and went thanks to the efforts of scientists to establish the precise causes.
    The ozone layer is now once again repleting or replete.

    Do we hear any such claims for global warming, mainly caused by human over-use?
    It sometimes seems like a mere political issue between parties so much is it every man’s responsibility, that the wealthy igonore it, say “We are all in it together!”
    whatever that may mean,
    and the poor say

    “How wise! WE are the cause of glaciers disappearing by the 50m in a year or two.That cannot be good.”

    The jet stream effect after the Icelandic volcano ash had cleared from our skies, was clear evidence of Human powered, albeit temporary local warming. The jetstreams lowered the air temperatures at ground level by about 10*f for three or four days.

    Global Warming! We are in it together! I understand!

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