United Nations International Day of Peace

Lord Bates

Friday September 21st is the UN International Day of Peace and around the world individuals and organisations are reaching out in peace. This of course may not be immediately apparent from a glance at the media which has rightly soberly covered the many instances of violence and conflict in our society and around world, but is there not room for a paragraph on peace?

At lunchtime today I attended a short and moving service in the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft in the Palace of Westminster where representatives from many faith groups were brought together under the auspices of London Peace Network to mark the International Day of Peace.  

In turn we simply shared our united desire for peace not in a superficial way which denied our own sincerely held religious convictions and traditions but through drawing on our our traditions we found the common elements of peace and forgiveness to share with eachother.

I was particularly impressed by the representatives of  London’s Islamic centres and mosques who the media might lead us to believe stirring up riots against the latest provocative anti-Islamic video and buring flags, but they were instead embracing the UN International Day of Peace by inviting those from all faiths and none to join them at Friday Prayers (Salaatul-Jumu’a) for prayers for peace, to exchange messages of peace, to celebrate local peace building efforts and to enjoy hospitality and friendship with one another.  

This evening I will be with 12,500 others in celebrating the International Day of Peace at Wembley Arena at the Peace One Day Concert with Elton John, James Morrison.

Neither of these events in London merited a single line in the Evening Standard nor any of the national newspapers or news channels. When good news ceases to be newsworthy, the news in some ways ceases to be worthy.

That said, the greater message of the day was to remind us that there may be many different paths to it and many different ways of celebrating it, but there is only one peace and it is one which must be shared by all to be made complete. In London today we have made a small start.

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  1. MilesJSD
    24/09/2012 at 9:29 am

    We (many of us People of both Britain and the World and the Future-World) actually need at least 365 days of Peace, every year;

    and I believe that The Peoples of the World need 365 days of Peace per year and 366 in every Leap Year.
    We (Peoples of The World) need
    a mere isolated annual “peace-wish day”
    like we need four-wheel-drive armada holidays all across Britain’s green and pleasant land,
    like we need another peace-making war
    (of any kind such as against Syria, Algeria, Afghanistan, maybe Iran and North-Korea or some other Evil-Triad of adolescently-dangerous failed-development nations).
    or like we need further Rebellious Terrorist strikes such as against the Twin World Trade Towers;


    what all Peoples* need,

    *including those micro-minority-governance-&-religious-few who think they are already the ‘essential’ peace-making and designing leaders and intercessors of the New Global World,

    is at least one hour per week, for 52 weeks every year,
    of learning-by-doing the Method III Peaceful Cooperative Needs & Affordable-Hows Recognition and Problem Solving six-steps
    (a five-step guidance sheet for this Method III is downloadable and printable from either of the voluntary non-partisan non-profit websites
    http://www.lifesfresh.co.uk or http://www.minorityofone.net
    or in an older training manual “People Skills” (Bolton)
    or the original “Leader Effectiveness Training” (Gordon)) .
    The point is that we all of us need to be learning and increasingly applying such a peace-building model as the above Method III,

    in frequent regular and weekly if not daily practice,

    as the first resort,

    as the worldwide 7 billion peoples’ immediate-&-longterm top-priority,

    as a holistic body-mind practical ‘governance’ and ‘cooperative-budgeting’ prerequisite to Sunday-Prayers, Annual Remembrance Parades,

    and as prerequisite to Peace-Days
    such as this isolatedly ‘pipe-of-peace-puffed’ one,
    upon which much funding, human-energies and secure-infrastructures have been spent
    and very likely unforgivably entirely wasted.

  2. Twm O'r Nant
    25/09/2012 at 5:31 pm

    Anything to do with the UN is well worth supporting. It is the only way forward in a “globalist” world. Whether capitalist or anti-capitalist, consumerist or anti-consumerist, or merely campaigning for your own human right, the UN is the way ahead.

  3. Dr James B Thring
    28/09/2012 at 5:57 pm

    Congratulations to Lord Bates for initiating this blog on peace. Constructive ideas deserve media attention but it seems may only get it if, for example, we indict errant war-mongers like Anthony Blair, Ariel Sharon and George Bush for War Crimes. This may, atleast, curb the impending attack on Iran.

  4. Nazma FOURRE
    28/09/2012 at 11:58 pm

    Dear Lord Bates,
    Peace is love and love is peace, the trend of this temporary journey of a life on earth.The answer to peace is love, understanding and the urge to stand united in order to heal this tortured world of all its problems.

    Peace is love and love is peace. If every one stands together to celebrate peace,love will come around to make life, easier to bear.

    Men are made of flesh, bones and blood and the aim of life itself is love, the love to share ,to care, to help , to heal and to shoulder the burdens of what life could carry.Love is the answer to peace.

    From this philosophy of mine, dear Lord Bates,I shall add from what you said that peace must be shared by all that it should complement love and care, the two angels of peace.

    God save the Queen and the Lords. God bless the United Kingdom.
    Nazma FOURRE

  5. Twm O'r Nant
    02/10/2012 at 9:35 am

    God save the Queen and the Lords. God bless the United Kingdom.
    Nazma FOURRE

    Vive la Republique!

  6. Nazma FOURRE
    07/10/2012 at 12:10 am

    Dear Twin,
    In a world of democracy where men and women are born free, the liberty of expression is the fundamental principle of the freedom of speech . From this point of view of mine, I don’t think that being devoted to the Queen and her Lords might be in contrast with the Republic.
    Gone is the Monarchy as institutions in Britain are based on Monarchical trend. The House of lords still exists and its stems arouse from the Monarchy.The past is over but never gone.
    A concrete example will be that of the life of a human being. I don’t think that an adult forgets the tokens of her or his adolescence. The past is a guide line to the future.So as far as united kingdom is concerned we cannot speak about the Past as her Majesty still opens and closes parliament, and blessing her and her lords as well as the country which is under his or her sole power is not a sin.God save the Queen and her Lords. God bless the United Kingdom and his Republican values.
    Nazma FOURRE

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