News Corporation and the BBC

Lord Soley

I intervened on this question because I am very concerned about plurality and quality in the media if Rupert Murdoch and his News International do fully take over BSkyB.

I don’t know what the minister was implying by her comment about the Today programme as I didn’t here the programme yesterday. However I think it is very important that we all keep a close watch on this. If you are worried about the proposed takeover write to your MP – and soon!

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  1. Gareth Howell
    13/10/2010 at 5:52 pm

    I have given plenty of thought to the business of the BBC over the years, and I have concluded recently that the overt alliance between, for example, the BBC and the NHS, is very damaging both to the health of the nation and to any useful information the people may get about the state of the nation’s health.

    In my view independence in the news media is a very valuable thing , and the more independence the better.

    Even so we would not want a Berlusconi arrangement in the UK, and we are not likely to get it, with moguls from OZ/Us naturalised citizen.

    May Murdoch’s business be brisk.

    13/10/2010 at 9:13 pm

    While my comments may be he bizarre ones, I will say I think Gareth Howell is somewhat right. The BBC has for years now been a very Biased institution, and that Bias has not been helped by its allegiances with various agencies or political parties. One head of the BBC even deliberately went out of his way to help Tony Blair then when he didn’t get what he wanted turned on him.

    The BBC is suppose to be Neutral, not Politically partisan, and yet it seems the BBC tilts to the Left. Of course My Lord Soley you happen to also be left leaning, to which I bare no animosity, however, it does no good for a Public Corporation to tilt that way.

    In general, Liberal Causes are Lionised while Conservative perspectives treated much, much worse.

    Also, as a Christian ( a religious Nutter to some here, though I do have my reasons, I hope you accept as rational) there is also the concern over how the BBC tends to demonise people like me as Irrational fools. Something I’ve been unfortunately subjected to almost everywhere I go now as Christians in general are seen as hateful hypocritical irrational zealots out for Tyranny and oppression on those that disagree, all while Muslims are seen as Innocent Victims. IE, a few years ago the BBC did a show called “Bonekickers” whose first episode featured a peace loving Muslim being killed by a group of Fundamentalist Christians, by beheading no less. (It was odd given that the White Wing Alliance on the Show were Evangelical protestants, given they were looking for a new Crusade, yet the Crusades were carried out by the Catholic Church which is not exactly the most popular Church with Evangelicals.)

    Had this programme been about anyone else’s Faith (Including Humanists, who insist they have none but do have a well developed Doctrinal system) it’d never have been allowed on the Air, and if it had been, complaints would lead to an Apology. Then again the BBC also aired the Artistically bankrupt, Profanity laced “Jerry Springer: The Opera” which in addition to mocking Christianity mocked any sense of decency we as a Society have left.

    That alone generated more complaints overnight than the BBC ever had and they STILL not only airs the show but refused to Apologise for it.

    How about how Israel and America tend to be Treated? America on the BBC tends to be seen as some sort of lurching evil Empire trying to dominate there world and crush free will. A Military powerhouse that uses its might to simply crush other nations for its own Enrichment, and whose politics are thoroughly evil. Especially the Republicans. that all Magically Changed When “The One”, Barrack Obama got elected as President of the United States, and he’s a truly great leader, who has to fight against a resurgence of Racist and Reactionary Tea Partiers who just cant stand a Black Man in the White House, and who seem to want to let the poor suffer on the Streets.

    And Lets not forget how Israel is building Settlement sin Palestinian Land and how Israeli forces simply bomb the peace loving Palestinians, killing innocent civilians and slaughtering those who just want a place to live. Israel wont negotiate or be Reasonable.

    Are you going to tell me they aren’t Biased against Christians? Or against Conservatives? Or against Americans? Or Israel? Its fairly Obvious that the BBC tends to Support Labour, has an idea of Promoting Liberalism and the modern Ideas of Equality and Tolerance, but also specifically the interpretation of Tolerance and Equality that is hip and Trendy and that excludes the above whilst including the in crowds like Homosexuals, or Palestinians, or generally Middle Easterners and Islam.

    (Mind you I have no problem with actual Muslims, but dislike a Bias that depicts them as harmless victims of evil oppression by the west, or by Christians, as that’s just reverse discrimination.)

    Its all a bit too much.

    And the BBC has admited its own Biases in the past.

    While you may not like the Right Wing Rupert Murdock, he won’t be any worse than the Left Wing BBC, will he?

    I think a Proper Solution would be a Truly balanced and Fair network, but I’m not sure if anyone willing to make a Truly Fair Channel has got the money to do that.

    So what your asking for is us to be alarmed that a Right Winger will get a Media Channel by taking it over from a Left Winger.

    Why should I prefer a Left Wing Bias to a Right Wing Bias?

  3. 13/10/2010 at 10:29 pm

    When Murdoch was out to profiteer by having his new satellite and ground-stations given access into China’s TV and radio networks, the Vatican awarded him a special holy-medallion ‘For Services to Mankind’, and the Pope ceremonially draped this holy-recognition around his neck, as I recall in public in America near the end of the last milennium (1990s).

    (Needless to say the Chinese soon saw through all that and ‘kicked him out’).

    Since the BBC can’t even perform the little democratic and patriotic duty of submitting on upwards all those questions seriously contributed by sober and responsible British Citizens that the BBC does not broadcast, and which neither does any other intermediary advocate, including one’s MP, response-able Peers, and the Media, you and I shall have to remain helpless, amng the 5 billion or so other real-life humans who would but alas are being kept un-enanbled and thus disempowered from joining in effectively.
    I never read nor watch nor listen to anything from certain Media; and Murdoch’s ’empire’ is focally one such that I shall continue at all times to switch-away-from, or to dump straight into the local Lord Mayor’s green recyclables bin.


  4. Thunders
    14/10/2010 at 9:36 am

    Wait a second, Murdoch’s critics can’t have it both ways. Either he’s malevolently in control of Sky now – which is the usual complaint – or this takeover would make him newly in control. Which is it?

    Similarly, why do you not complain about the BBC’s impact on distorting the media market?

  5. Croft
    14/10/2010 at 1:00 pm

    “Either he’s malevolently in control of Sky now – which is the usual complaint – or this takeover would make him newly in control. Which is it?”


  6. ladytizzy
    14/10/2010 at 3:31 pm

    And Richard Desmond’s buyout of Channel 5 is the benchmark for “plurality and quality”? I remember Mr Blair squirming in his airplane seat some years ago when asked about Mr Desmond’s range of publications and TV channels.

    Mr Murdoch is a genius. He charges for TV platforms, charges advertisers, and charges the viewer. What’s not to like about the guy?

    14/10/2010 at 7:21 pm

    Thunders, I wholly agree.

    But we know the reason don’t we? The people who complain about Murdoch are left Wing Politically, and Murdoch is Right Wing. They are therefore sympathetic tot he BBC’s Liberal Bias, and rather horrified by the prospect of a Conservative Bias because it will open the audience up to a different point of view. This is about maintaining a Cultural hegemony. Its no different from when people want to close the Faith Schools, because they want to make sure all Children learn from only a Secular Humanist perspective. They can’t stand the fact that not everyone agrees with them, and want everyone in society to basically share the same core beliefs and values they have, without even so much as an Honest debate on the subject.

    They also demonise those who don’t fall in line, to make them less appealing.

    Its really all about trying to make sure your beliefs are predominant and unquestioned.

  8. baronessmurphy
    15/10/2010 at 10:05 am

    Gareth Howell, What exactly is “the overt alliance between… …the BBC and the NHS” which ” is very damaging both to the health of the nation and to any useful information the people may get about the state of the nation’s health”? Can’t say I’ve noticed, can you give us any evidence?

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