Our fame spreads….

Lord Norton

I had a quick look at the statistics for the blog early this morning.  By that stage, as is usual, it had only attracted a small number of visitors.  By chance, I looked again at lunchtime and the line on the graph had suddenly shot up, way beyond the normal daily traffic.  I kept checking – the figure reached four-figures and continued climbing.  By this evening, we had the largest numbers of visitors since the record first day.

What could have caused this sudden popularity?  Had Lord Soley’s comments on China elicited a sudden interest in Asia?  Had my question on the number of hereditary peers sitting in the Commons attracted the attention of pub quizmasters up and down the country?  In fact, the increase is attributable to coverage of the blog in Germany on Spiegel Online:


It is perhaps appropriate that we should attract interest from Germany given that it also has a distinctive second chamber, the Bundesrat (pictured).  It is a powerful second chamber, though not directly elected.  It comprises representatives from the sixteen state governments and is a significant actor in protecting their interests.  It is also notable that when legislative chambers in EU countries are mentioned for producing some influential work on EU matters, it is often second chambers that are to the fore; among those variously singled out are the House of Lords and the Bundesrat.

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  1. Senex
    16/05/2008 at 8:03 pm

    You seem to have captured Von Stefan Marx’s admiration, no doubt he has a coat of arms too. He seems to have you down as a Liberal peer though entering the House in 2005. He is definitely a fan of yours.

    “Der Liberale war früher Fraktionsgeschäftsführer seiner Partei im Unterhaus und wurde 2005”

    Not sure about ‘political pensioners’ though:

    “Die Polit-Rentner berichten als ” Lords of the Blog” täglich von ihrer Arbeit.”

    Uses Lord Soley and Tony Blair in the same sentence?

    “Lord Soley of Hammersmith, sein linker Gegenpart, war unter Tony Blair Sprecher der Labour-Abgeordneten im Unterhaus.”

    He even has a go at Angela Merkel’s weekly podcast saying the blog is better; has nice words to say about Lord Lucas too. It seems at least one German aristocrat has found something inspirational in the blog. Gut für ihn!

  2. ladytizzy
    17/05/2008 at 1:53 am

    How exciting to think thousands are reading my comments! Blush.

    You might guess that my knowledge of the Bundesrat is seriously less than that of the Lord’s. I do wish for future informative exchanges from Germany and other nations.


  3. lordnorton
    17/05/2008 at 4:45 pm

    Senex: I think you will find he is referring to Lord Tyler as being a Liberal who entered the House in 2005. He accurately refers to me as a Conservative. Mind you, I was surprised to see my name and the words ‘street cred’ appearing in the same paragraph.

  4. Reversepsychology
    18/05/2008 at 12:44 am

    Lord Norton:

    Id like, if I may, to ask an unrelated question, concerning publicly registered charities.

    Theres a lot of talk around the internet at this present time, about an organisation run by Julia Middleton, called Common Purpose.

    Is it a Left Wing Conspiracy or just a vapid none event??

    Perhaps when you stick: New Labour – John Prescott – Julia Middleton – political correctness and Demos, into one large melting pot and stir it around for ten years, the word conspiracy for some people, is just too finer an opportunity to pass up.

    However, there is one point surrounding this issue of which I’m a tad confused about.

    If Common Purpose is a publicly registered “Charity”, and over the years has received a large number of lottery grants. – Then why is it seemingly afforded the benefits of coming under the Chatham house rules?

    Is that not unusual for a registered charity?

  5. Bedd Gelert
    18/05/2008 at 10:20 am

    Lord Norton,

    You are bang on the button here about the EU – which makes it all the more worrying when any developments appear on the horizon proposing the further emasculation or ‘reform’ of the House of Lords. These specious plans usually are all about limiting democracy, not increasing it..

  6. Senex
    18/05/2008 at 2:30 pm

    Yes! I would say you have ‘street cred’ in the wider sense especially amongst the bloggers here. However, it might be a challenge to you to blog with a Chav who’s correspondence had the term ‘innit’ in it.

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