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Greece and the Euro

Lord Soley

I am worried by the financial settlement for Greece. Although I think it is grossly unfair for Greeks to present the German Chancellor as Hitler there is an uncomfortable similarity between the position that we put Germany in after the First World War and what we are doing to the Greeks now. A nation and…

Creating a second chamber

Lord Norton

I have spent the past few days in Switzerland advising members of the Iraqi Constitutional Review Committee on the establishment of a second chamber.  Agreement has been reached on creating a second chamber. The committee has responsibility for recommending the form it take. My role has essentially been twofold.  One has been to explain the…

Our fame spreads….

Lord Norton

I had a quick look at the statistics for the blog early this morning.  By that stage, as is usual, it had only attracted a small number of visitors.  By chance, I looked again at lunchtime and the line on the graph had suddenly shot up, way beyond the normal daily traffic.  I kept checking –…