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Blogging Peer goes AWOL

Lord Soley

Those with military experience will know that AWOL = absent without leave! I did have some leave but I can’t claim that I did my duty as well as some other Peers who blogged from holiday and home and certainly not as well as ace blogger Lord Norton – when does he sleep? Today I am…

Weekend quiz question

Lord Norton

I know from comments made to me by readers, as well as from the blog data, that the quiz questions are very popular.  I have visions of the blog being read by many who devise pub quizzes – if it is, then excellent.  I thought I would pose a quick question.  I have no doubt…

Queen and Lords

Lord Norton

One question posed by ladytizzy is: does the Queen have a regular consultation with a representative of the House of Lords, similar to the weekly audience with the PM? The answer is straightforward: no. There is no reason why she should. She sees the PM in his capacity as her principal minister, not as a…