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The Government’s latest plans to undermine democracy must be opposed

Lord Rennard

  On Thursday last week, the Government tabled a measure to bring forward changes to the electoral registers which provides the basis for conducting our elections and reviewing constituency boundaries.  It probably hoped that nobody would notice that this change could remove nearly two million people from the voting registers by the end of this…

Why peers cannot vote for MPs

Lord Norton

Peers can vote in local and European Parliament elections, but cannot vote in elections to the House of Commons.  Some members of the House object to this and believe they should be entitled to vote.  The issue came up again at Question Time yesterday.   The minister, Lord Bach, was asked what the rationale was for…

Can peers vote?

Lord Norton

Baroness Murphy’s post reminds me of a question frequently raised in discussions about the Lords.  Can peers vote in parliamentary elections?  The answer is no.  Or rather, members of the House of Lords cannot vote in parliamentary elections.  Prior to 1999 it was held in common law that it was the status of being a…