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Just Eat Less?

Baroness Murphy

So I finally made the front page of the Sun, somewhat unexpectedly, see http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/politics/3857501/Tory-peer-tells-British-fatties-to-brjust-eat-less.html Lord Crisp’s debate on non-communicable diseases on Thursday which I mentioned in my last post included a contribution from Lord McColl, an old colleague and friend from our days together at Guy’s Hospital, in which he urged people quite rightly to…

A nudge in the wrong direction?

Guest Contributor

I chaired the Science and Technology Committee inquiry into Behaviour Change. Our Report, which was published today, makes some interesting findings about efforts by the Government to change the way we behave. Perhaps the most important thing we say is that to solve the really big problems that face society – like increasing levels of…