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The Westminster system of government

Lord Norton

I spoke yesterday to a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association seminar which brought together more than sixty parliamentarians and officials from a large number of Commonwealth countries.  My task was to open with a paper on the Westminster system of government.   This is actually quite a challenging exercise.  The Westminster Parliament and the Westminster system of government are…

Enhancing transparency

Lord Norton

In response to my earlier post on tackling political alienation, a couple of respondents suggested increasing the transparency of Westminster – ‘losing the ivory tower effects of the Westminster village’ (DW) – and informing the public more about the basic operations of Parliament (Troika21). Compared with many other parliaments, Westminster is a transparent institution.  Votes…

Learning from elsewhere

Lord Norton

Given the time I spend in Westminster, I normally utilise weekends to catch up on research and administration. Part of the time is given over to teaching on an online degree we offer – the MA in Legislative Studies Online. Part of this weekend is also given over to making arrangements for a biennial conference…