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Second chambers

Lord Norton

Second chambers are remarkable for a number of reasons.  Most countries don’t have one, though they are common in federal states and Western nations.  Though a minority taste, and often controversial, they can serve useful purposes and a number of developing countries and new democracies have established, or are considering establishing, them.  The proposal for…

5 Years On

Lord Dholakia

Last Thursday, 20th March, was the 5 year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. To mark the occasion, Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords tabled a bill demanding that an inquiry into the war begins before the next session of parliament. On Thursday morning, a group of concerned parliamentarians gathered in Old Palace Green…

Tibet and Iraq

Lord Soley

Question time on Thursday gave me the opportunity to make a point about training the Iraqi army and also about  Chinese repression in Tibet. These are both contentious issues. Iraq. Whatever your views about the invasion of Iraq I hope people will agree that training the Iraqi army is vital for the future stability of the…