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News from a short visit to Iraq – April/May 2011

Lord Hylton

News from a short visit to Iraq – April/May 2011 1:  The situation for some may be slowly improving.  Private housing construction in Baghdad is to be seen all over.  The rush hour traffic is intense.  2:  But unemployment remains high in a young population.  Public services remain poor, especially in electricity, water, sanitation, public…


Lord Soley

For those who are interested in the arguments for intervention (not just military) and the history of intervention back to the 19th century British campaign to end the trans Atlantic slave trade look at my article written for the Henry Jackson Society:  http://www.henryjacksonsociety.org/cms/harriercollectionitems/The+Right+Side+of+History.pdf

Tyranny in the modern world

Lord Soley

I have read the comments on my colleague Baroness D’Souza post concerning Zimbabwe (See her post 22.12.08 below) carefully. I agree with Baroness D’Souza that international politics does not attract much interest on this blog – a pity because it is one of my main interests! I also agree that organisations like the Westminster Foundation can…

Creating a second chamber

Lord Norton

I have spent the past few days in Switzerland advising members of the Iraqi Constitutional Review Committee on the establishment of a second chamber.  Agreement has been reached on creating a second chamber. The committee has responsibility for recommending the form it take. My role has essentially been twofold.  One has been to explain the…

Second chambers

Lord Norton

Second chambers are remarkable for a number of reasons.  Most countries don’t have one, though they are common in federal states and Western nations.  Though a minority taste, and often controversial, they can serve useful purposes and a number of developing countries and new democracies have established, or are considering establishing, them.  The proposal for…