The Local Elections in Iraq

Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne

Resignations, possible replacements of ministers and increasing violence have hit already fragile Iraqi politics in the last few days. Officials say 110 people were killed in the latest violence. These are indeed difficult days.

The Kurdistan Regional Government and the central government are at odds over issues including a swathe of disputed territory in north Iraq, oil contracts the region has signed without Baghdad’s approval, and power-sharing.

The rift between Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Kurds is not the only headache.

Iraq’s government has been mired in crisis over a power-sharing agreement along sectarian and ethnic lines between Shiite Muslims and Sunnis. Many Iraqi Sunnis say they were sidelined and allowed the Shiite majority to gain power.

The Arab press is speculating whether Iraq is on the point of collapse.

As a regular visitor to Baghdad, Basrah and Erbil I disagree.

Iraq is producing more than 3 million barrels of oil a day making it one of the biggest producers in the world and ensuring billions of dollars are reaching federal coffers.

And I am proud to say BP and Anglo-Dutch Shell are producing more than 70 percent of Iraq’s income from the giant oil fields at Rumaila and Al-Majnoon.

A cascade of oil cash means millions of new homes are being built, new schools, ports and airports are all under construction, bolstering the very fabric of society.

The recent governorate elections are being seen as a success – although polls in Iraq’s restive Sunni dominated provinces have still to take place.

But those who voted turned out in their millions with more than half the electorate casting their ballots.

Given the security situation in Iraq I would suggest this is an extraordinarily brave affirmation of the spirit of the Iraqi people and again gives me hope they will pull through the current crisis.

My message is that countries like Britain are offering their support as friends do in dark days so freedom and the rule of law will prevail in a country recovering from decades of turmoil.


2 comments for “The Local Elections in Iraq

  1. MilesJSD
    26/04/2013 at 7:54 pm

    Iraq appears to be insidiously sliding down into ‘Civil’ Warfare anyway

    aided and abetted by our Western Fossil-Fuels-dependant civilisations and “Energy-Providers (such as BP and A-D Shell)”.

    Iraq’s “extraordinary” people are obviously totally unaware, as evidently are the noble baroness and the Western Governance Class in general, that “their” sacred-deposits of fossil-fuel-oil
    .1. are being one-way, irreversibly, destroyed and converted into Harmful Pollutions of different sorts, rather than being ‘produced’
    and thereby ‘producing a cascade of Oil-Cash’
    in turn ‘producing’ growth in a human-population already more than three times more than this Earth-One can longterm support and give both survival and thrival to.

    2. were rightly suspected by their part-trained ‘Leader’ Saddam Hussein as being a crucially-vital resource,
    and their wanton-destruction then rightly laid at the feet of the USA
    even ‘though both his strategy-&-tactics towards ‘correcting’ that Abuse
    and the Strategy-&-Tactics of the USA and Accomplices
    were flawed, both by Personal-Luxury-Greed-&-Class-Delusion and by Mind-Functional Unfitness-for-Longest-Term-Purpose.
    The grand-ethical idea that Britain is, like its old-colonial success-centuries of “let there be Light” Christian-Missionings abroad (and at Home) “offering support as friends do in dark days, so that freedom and The Rule of Law will prevail in the Country as it recovers from decades of Turmoil”
    is of dubious morality and nobility;

    and had better neither be claimed “Christian” either, since Christianity is increasingly and rightly being seen to be a falsely-theologised and wastefully-budgeted and managed religion,

    and this factor operating regardless of how sustainworthy, morally-and- formally well-reasoned, and longest-term thriftily budgeted, any or all other religions, philosophies, and lifestyle-models around the World or in the Missals of Visiting Extra-Terrestrials, may be.

  2. GaretHugHowell
    27/04/2013 at 9:01 am

    ensuring billions of dollars are reaching federal coffers.

    US federal coffers.

    And I am proud to say BP and Anglo-Dutch Shell are producing more than 70 percent of Iraq’s income from the giant oil fields at Rumaila and Al-Majnoon.

    But mainly for the shareholders of the companies in question, for whom the was started. The British government is a principal shareholder too, so the petrol you use is through exploiting what rightfully belongs to the people of Iraq, who only get a small proportion of the profit, under the PSAs (production sharing agreements)signed as soon as the Iraq war started.

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