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Halfway there

Lord McConnell

I am writing this as I travel from Scotland to London, Monday ‘lunchtime’, halfway through Live Below the Line 2013. My 5 day challenge began on Friday at midnight, and after a weekend of porridge, soup and a baked potato cautiously shared across two days, I am probably lighter but certainly nervous about coping in…

5 days for Burundi

Lord McConnell

Tomorrow I start my Live Below the Line challenge for 2013. LBTL is an innovative campaign, organised by the Global Poverty Project, which seeks to highlight the scandal of over 1 billion people living in extreme poverty – below $1.25 or £1 a day – and raise money for several charities. After two successful efforts…

Let them eat…..

Baroness Lister of Burtersett

‘THE FAMILIES WHO CANNOT AFFORD FOOD. Charities try to fill the gap as hungry turn to stealing’ was my local paper’s front page headline last week.  The Nottingham Post story continued: ‘Food banks are opening across Nottingham because the number of people who cannot afford to feed their families is increasing.  The next day I…