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Learning From History

Lord McConnell

      Earlier this week I had the honour to Chair the APPG on Conflict Issues as we hosted Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire who has been a member of the Canadian Senate but, more famously, was Force Commander of UNAMIR, the UN peacekeeping mission deployed to Rwanda before the genocide in 1994. Lieutenant-General Dallaire warned…

Preventing Atrocities in the 21st Century

Lord McConnell

      I attended a very special memorial service in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, last Friday. Like similar events across Europe, we were remembering the Srebrenica Genocide of July 1995: the cold blooded murder of 8327 Bosnian men and boys by Bosnian Serbs, and the rape and abuse of the women and girls left…

Photos and flames. Horror and hope.

Lord McConnell

One of the saddest places on earth is the Kigali Genocide Memorial managed by the Aegis Trust. Here, 250,000 or so victims of the Rwanda genocide in 1994 are buried together, alongside an exhibition and permanent memorial to their memory. A flame is lit each year by President Kagame to burn at the entrance as…