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EU Referendum

Lord Soley

An interesting bit of footwork by David Cameron on an EU referendum. I’m not sure that it will unify his party but it is a good try! Thinking about events over the last few weeks it is hard to see how Britain is going to stay a full member of the EU. The banking crisis…

What happened to statesmanship?

Lord Soley

Whatever you views about the Euro or about the EU it cannot possibly be in our interests to sit on the side-lines criticising and lecturing. I cannot think of any post war British Prime Minister,Conservative or Labour, who would have made the mistake of sounding like a petulant politician rather than a statesman. We are…

Winds of Change 2

Lord Soley

On the 3rd October 2011 I wrote a post on the relationship between the UK and the EU ( http://lordsoftheblog.net/2011/10/03/winds-of-change/ ) I think the potential threat to British policy is growing more significant. David Cameron is being excluded from the key decisions in Europe. Germany and France are determined to put the political structure of the…