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The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

Lord Hylton

Britain will be the host for this meeting in London and at Windsor during the week of April 16, 2018.  The overall theme will be “Towards a Common Future”. I believe there should be discussion followed by positive action on the following themes: 1:  India and Pakistan:  There is an urgent need for détente with…

‘Leave No One Behind’ – Act in 2015

Lord McConnell CAR Photo

  Today is a big day in a big year. In 2015 the UN will celebrate the significant if incomplete success of the Millennium Development Goals and agree a new set of goals – the Sustainable Development Goals – as the engine for development over the next fifteen years.  And today action2015 has been launched around the world to mobilise groups…

Climate change in the chamber

Baroness Deech

The extreme weather conditions of last week did not deter peers from turning up on Monday for a question about the Olympics and on Thursday for a debate on the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change.  There is a connection between the two topics. In the climate debate Lord Patel and a few others made the point that…