Arctic Select Committee

Lord Soley

I am a member of the recently appointed Select Committee on the Arctic. A call for evidence has been issued and we have had several meetings in public. The BBC Parliament Programme gave them good coverage. Anyone can attend these public meetings.
The issues are governance – an important issue for a near arctic state like the UK (we are nearer then you think!) and the effect of the melting ice on the climate, sea levels and increased shipping activity. If the ice continues to shrink at the present rate then the shipping routes to Asia will be much shorter than the Suez or Panama routes.
You can read about the committee here:

2 comments for “Arctic Select Committee

  1. MilesJSD
    02/08/2014 at 3:47 pm

    How far does this Arctic Melting Ice context
    include the ten(10) times greater Antarctic ice-melt issue ?

    Current documentary on TV gives ‘mind-boggling’ evidence of the melting ice and of its effects

    (my words now)
    “Arctic & Antarctic Ice-Melts ‘Threat’:
    Civilisation & Human-Life Extinction
    Potential Disaster-already-irreversibly-In-Progress”.

  2. maude elwes
    05/08/2014 at 1:39 pm

    @ Lord Soley:

    I know you will probably know this and sen it all before. But, my question to you is, do you really believe that once the process of nature has begun that we, mankind, can do anything to stop whatever it has decided is in its best interests? Because I don’t.

    The changes in our universe have little if anything to do with mankind.


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