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Accessing Bills

Lord Norton

In a previous post, I was asked if I could provide a link to a particular Bill, in this case the Justice and Security Bill.  Anyone wishing to access a Bill being considered by Parliament can do so by visiting the Parliament website and clicking on the link ‘Bills and legislation’.   You can then click on…

Diary of a baroness

Baroness Deech

Saturday we celebrated with an old friend who thinks he has been appointed to the Supreme Court.  I say “thinks” because although the appointment is all over the internet, there has been no official announcement.  The appointment has been brewing for about 5 months, and still no formal announcement. Apparently it cannot be announced until…

I was wrong about BMA

Baroness Murphy

I was so right ( see my last blog) to meet the BMA representatives today to talk through their concerns about the Health and Social Care Bill. In fact the anxieties which some of their members had expressed about the new fitness to practice procedures seem to have been addressed by their discussions with the…