I was wrong about BMA

Baroness Murphy

I was so right ( see my last blog) to meet the BMA representatives today to talk through their concerns about the Health and Social Care Bill. In fact the anxieties which some of their members had expressed about the new fitness to practice procedures seem to have been addressed by their discussions with the GMC so we had a very amicable and informative meeting.  I was also pleased to have attended the meeting this afternoon  about the Bill for peers with the Minister Ben Bradshaw MP, Lord Darzi, Baroness Thornton, who will be partnering Lord Darzi in the Lords and also the Bill team, the lawyers and civil servants who are actually drafting the Bill and have the detail at their fingertips. It was very well attended by ‘the usual suspects’ who take an interest in health and social care matters in the Lords.   A lot of my questions were cleared up on the spot. Others weren’t and we will need to explore some more on the floor of the House in committee.  

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  1. Jenny S-T
    21/03/2008 at 7:28 pm

    Thank you. It’s so wonderful to hear someone in Parliament actually admitting a mistake or a change of view.

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