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Time for a spring clean

Andy Williamson

It’s spring so we’ve been doing a few little jobs behind the scenes at Lords of the Blog and tomorrow they’re ready for release. This means that the blog will be down very briefly this morning (Wednesday May 4th), but that should only last for a few minutes… however, just to be on the safe…

Guest Blog: A right old lather

Andy Williamson

Their Lordships are getting into a right old lather over the stand-off between the Government and the opposition in the House – “filibustering is not cricket – not the way we do things in this House”, “if things carry on like this we will see a guillotine introduced and that would be the end of…

The UK general election and Lords of the Blog

Andy Williamson

Both Houses of Parliament dissolved on 12 April with the general election in the UK on 6 May. We have been instructed by the House of Lords Administration that Lords of the Blog needs to observe the rules of purdah during the election period. We were hoping this would just mean careful management of content…

A Minister in the Lords

Andy Williamson

Monday 15 March was a particularly busy day for me in the House. The day started with a question from Lord Pearson of Rannoch (the leader of UKIP) on whether the UK could be required to provide financial assistance to an EU Member State “threatened with severe difficulties”. After answering Lord Pearson’s tabled and supplementary question I had to field questions from other peers on the same subject for that part of the allocated 7½ minutes that remained outstanding. In practice I was let off rather lightly as a fair amount of time was taken up as peers endeavoured to establish their right to ask the next question on the subject. Eventually the Leader of the House, Baroness Royall of Blaisdon, stepped in to provide much appreciated guidance. The questioning ended with Lord Tebbit asking me to confirm that I would forthright resign if any costs fell on the British taxpayer in respect of any bail-out of Greece. Lord Tebbit and Lord Pearson are both regular bloggers elsewhere.

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Help us to improve Lords of the Blog

Andy Williamson

We would really like to know what you think about Lords of the Blog and to understand how you think it could be improved. To do this, we’ve asked an independent research agency, TNS-BMRB, to conduct some online research at the beginning of March. TNS-BMRB have set up an online space  where you can post…