Commonwealth Summit Meeting April 2018

Lord Hylton

I warmly welcome the emphasis for the meeting on a Rules-Based World. This is particularly needed at a time when Presidents Trump and Putin behave erratically and sometimes illegally.

The commitment to human rights is very necessary. Nevertheless, much remains to be done, especially as regards organized crime, human trafficking, money laundering, cyber-crime and political violence. These points were underlined by the House of Lords Select Committee on International Relations (HL Paper 74), and the debate of 22 March 2018.

I urge the Heads of Government and the Commonwealth Peoples Forum to secure effective joint action on these issues – also on environmental needs such as the growing pollution of the oceans and de-carbonizing of the atmosphere.

Much detailed work is required on personal issues, for example, abolishing capital punishment, ending discrimination and persecution of religious and ethnic groups, or limiting forced marriages and female genital mutilation.

Personal freedom and democracy go hand in hand, but individual and collective liberty require constant vigilance. Better protection is needed for journalists and lawyers who defend human rights, of which the most important is the right to life.

2 comments for “Commonwealth Summit Meeting April 2018

  1. 27/03/2018 at 7:51 pm

    Why do we still avoid establishing a “Needs-Priorities Based World” ?

    What’s the point of putting a “Rights”-based and/or “Rules-Based”
    before we have Balancedly-&-Balancingly detailed the Essential-Needs-Based Real World we still both have. and need to be forwardly-sustaining –
    qua “sustainworthying” ?

    Rights need to be granted to legally permit and “best efficiently-possible” meet Needs
    [not profiteer from Delusions, Fantasies, Greeds, and Covetings]

    After all, ‘Rights’ have never yet been rightly, fairly and sustainworthily drawn-up and distributed;
    they are still being, even increasingly so, corruptly decided
    and wastefully-enforced.

    And “Rights” should only be granted for the legal-&-sustainworthy satisfaction of Basic and Essential Needs –
    in the most ecolonomicly-efficient way possible.
    The vitally essential and Positivisingly Peaceful Revolution that our Humankind World Civilisation most importantly and urgently needs is the one that makes our personal-human-bodies and our various kinds of Peoples, sustainworthy –
    which essentially involves getting every individual human-being
    numericly and “shopping-listingly”
    [rising already to 8 (eight) billion fully-individual persons -]
    onto a new constitutional foundation of
    “one human-being needs just one-human-living”.

    How will The Commonwealth tackle that essential –
    Key-Core-Factor ?

    Or has it already decided the Matter is “none-of-our-business” ?

  2. maude elwes
    11/04/2018 at 2:19 pm

    Here is food for thought on the issue of world poverty and what we, the people of tiny islanders known as UK dwellers, should be doing to relieve this dilemma.

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