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Commonwealth Summit Meeting April 2018

Lord Hylton

I warmly welcome the emphasis for the meeting on a Rules-Based World. This is particularly needed at a time when Presidents Trump and Putin behave erratically and sometimes illegally. The commitment to human rights is very necessary. Nevertheless, much remains to be done, especially as regards organized crime, human trafficking, money laundering, cyber-crime and political…

Abolishing the Death Penalty

Lord Hylton

I have been opposed to executions ever since I became involved with cases of miscarriage of justice, many years ago.  The struggle against capital punishment goes on across the world, though rather slowly. Some of you may have heard BBC 5 Live’s programme on 8 August.  This had an interview with Kris Maharaj and his wife,…

The Lords and human rights

Lord Norton

I was taking part yesterday in a conference, held in Portcullis House, on Parliaments and human rights.  It had an international focus but also addressed the role of the UK Parliament.  I spoke on what I saw as the strengths and weaknesses of our current arrangements and proferred some modest thoughts as to how we…