Taking back control

Baroness Deech

Yes,the referendum was in part about taking back control. That means restoring to Parliament the sovereignty that it yielded, and continued to yield over the years to the other members of the EU.  All that EU legislation that was never scrutinised by our Parliament but became our law! But we will not recover our sovereignty until we are well and truly out of the organisation. No matter how much MPs brandish their rebellions right now – no matter how many amendments they table apparently designed to delay our exit from the EU indefinitely, the gestures are pointless.  Take first, the Grieve amendment, to give MPs a determining vote on the final deal before it takes effect. Naive or Machiavellian? The “deal” will no doubt run to thousands of pages, and some will approve of some of it and others dislike other parts: we are unlikely to regard the whole deal as entirely good or bad. So the vote will be based on an impression.  Worse still, if the deal is voted down in Parliament, what do the objectors think is going to happen? Even if Mrs May returned to Brussels in the few weeks that might remain before 29 March 2019, there is no chance that the other 27 members will go back to the negotiating table in order to craft a deal that is more acceptable to the MPs. In fact, they have already said that they would not. They will do nothing – and sit back to enjoy our dilemma over take it or leave it, deal as is, or no deal at all. That is because until 29 March 2019, we have no sovereignty, no control – we are in the power of the 27, who have their reasons for not wishing us well. Votes in Parliament on the deal will be no more than spitting in the wind.

The same applies to the amendment to remove the date of 29 March from the Bill. What is the point of that, since the Art 50 exit process, for which MPs voted, stipulates that membership of the EU ends two years after initiation of the withdrawal process? Can it be lawfully possible for our membership to end, as it must from the point of view of the EU, on 29 March, and for the UK still to regard itself as a member that has not exited, for some unspecified period beyond that date? Not without the agreement of the other 27, however long that might take to reach. Conversely, since 29 March has to be the legal date for exit, there was little gain in enshrining it. The ineffectual nature of that delaying amendment (latest news is that the date will be expressed flexibly) is just another example of how we have lost sovereignty and cannot “take back control” until after 29.3.19. A transition period will only put back that day. The amendments are just so much posturing. How odd that some MPs are trying to stymie the restoration of sovereignty by taking its name in vain.

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  1. 16/12/2017 at 9:47 pm

    Neither the British People nor the British Establishment, the Judiciaries, the Commons & Lords Legislatures, nor the Civil Service –
    have ever shown sufficient “Sovereign Control” over our Essential Human Civilisation Needs and over the needs of our Lifesupportive Planet Earth environments..

    Britain has been consuming, and wasting, 5-times our fair-share of the Earth’s Lifesupports and Resources [see “The Divide” by Prof Hickel of the London School of Economics; and “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth” very recent TV documentary from up-to-date serious science researchers hosted up-front by our Sir David Attenborough
    also the UK official constitutional “Social-Mobility” careers money-distribution Pyramid is effectively grossly-deluding and overpaying almost the whole Pyramid
    but most grossly the “Top” first
    [for instance to the tune of the RBS and Lloyds et al Bank Directors “legislating” themselves as well as being “constituted” by The Establishment and The Parliaments
    to be as many as 300+ human-beings each
    (HSBC Chief has a £5million a year basic salary = approx 5,000,000 (before Bonuses)
    divided by one-human living (say £300 x 52 = £15,600 per year)
    makes that one “bankster” ‘in need of over 300 human-livings per week in his personal hip pocket;
    and a psychiatrist personally “needs” (over and above business costs which are paid by the Employer anyway) £3000 per week in his “private” pocket or her “private” handbag = 10 human-livings.

    Those are “British Constitutionally Established Deliberate Delusions”
    quite apart from their wastefulness and Earth-lifesupports destructiveness and extinctioning,
    and quite apart from their brazen LACK of both Self and Environment Control …————-
    May I suggest a “Pingback” to see the whole longer first draft of this crucial matter, in our voluntary and not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-site http://lifefresh.net .

  2. 17/12/2017 at 10:42 am

    In brief to my initialmuch ‘longer’ submissions here –

    “taking back ‘control’
    is very much in need of the same kind of “depth-scrutiny” as

    we must first find the original state of –

    followed by writing-up the history of its
    De-conciliation –

    now I trust this gives our “doers”-
    if not all of of (mere) “readers” –
    some insightful-light –

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  4. maude elwes
    17/12/2017 at 2:40 pm

    @ Baroness Deech

    You are so right.

    This referendum was a vote by the people for the people. Not for parliamentary goobers to play games with pedantic lunacy. Not one of those who laughed at the people of this country should have a seat to sit in and grin like retarded cheshire cats. What embarassments they are in the world.

    Deselect them all. And throw them to their contstituents.

    • Lord Blagger
      18/12/2017 at 7:51 pm

      Spot on.

      My view, this ammendment makes a clean brexit more likely.

      Walk away. Don’t pay off the EU and sack nurses to pay for it.

      Instead put in place a simple migration policy.

      1. No criminals.

      Kick out those with criminal records, committed here or elsewhere.

      2. Net contributors only.

      Just last week one of remains lies was exposed. Apparently under EU law we can kick out EU welfare claimants.


      Except we can’t under EU law.

      3. No discrimination bar that on income.

      4. No cap.

      For the peers and MP they are going to have to pay their imported servants full cost. Quelle domage.

      • 26/12/2017 at 6:28 pm

        Overshadowingly as well as Underlurkingly
        Perhaps Blagger hasn’t yet seen the ‘new’ Strategic Facts and Factors precipitating into our laps from Hickel’s “The Divide” more fully than from “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth” host Sir David Attenborough’s also world-leading ‘factorama’ ?

        Over the recent 5 centuries – but stemming back through 5 millenniia of “predatory” civilisations dominated by a minisculely-tiny and self-concealing world-domineering “super-powerful-and-wealthy-Elite” –
        who have been exploitatively and still are manipulatively utilising “trickle-down luxuriously cheapnesses and drugs “bingeing” societies and lifestyles, themselves llterally wallowing in sabotagingly-massive ill-gotten gains
        historticly first from other civilisations “conquered” but enslaled and materially ‘drained dry’
        by a dominant but also domineering civilisation (such as the Romans)
        but recently erstwhilely, and still too largely so, by our very own Western Colonialist “Developed Democracies”.

        This “historicly ‘evolving’ permanent world situation” today is resulting in the following:-
        (1) The 70 million people in Britain are consuming and wasting-away 5 (five) times their fair share of the Earth produce and resoiurces;
        Britain has been founded upon hugely ‘ill-gotten’ gains from the Colonial centuries; one legacy of which is now the Scandalous Loans Interest amounting to more than the capital sums loaned, taken into our UK banks (and no doubt massively into “safe-havens” abroad too)
        to the tune of at least 8 (eight) times more than the total Foreign Aid we “boastingly” and “self-righteously” give-out to those countries and their equally-human but literally “starved-by-us” people (?) Note: which is not “their self-caused purely internal problem – [my near-distanced surviving extended family please note, if you please] –

        we (never mind that others especially now China is ‘ripping-off other countries and the USA is still doing it worst of all,
        but it is we British who are still ripping-off 2nd, 3rd and 4th world countries
        who remain ‘permanently trapped’ in our “Right” to be ripping-off whoever we like
        [because we are a “sovereign country” (and will take no lecturing or criticism from any one, especially from “foreigners” and actually not from even our own world-insightful “watchdogs”) we decide what we need and how we shall get it].
        So not only our Constitution, Laws, Rule-of-Law, Sovereign-Power-Parliamentarians’ ‘Democracy’, Politico-Economic and Militancy Policies,
        and “tamely-manipulable affluent people-population and especially our Socially-Mobile world-pleading Workforce –
        were founded upon other Countries Peoples and their Natural and Civilisational Environmental Wealths,
        but it is we who are still being “carried and spoon-fed” by those privated people too –
        who ‘right now’ are also paying for our “Sacred Christmas and Boxing Day “celebrating” fireworks displays, one of which is 2banging and blazing away” on our Famously-Colonial and British Navy’s Drake’s Bowling-Green Plymouth Hoe …

        We need to quit considering “Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” –
        and p;onder continually upon
        “Ask not what support we can wring from Other Peoples and their Environments, but what supports we can equalisticly share with such Others”
        So, dear Blagger, yours may well be not the only “better Immigration” plan in need further scrutiny and peacefully-reformative up-dating –
        mayn’t it ?

      • maude elwes
        01/01/2018 at 4:14 pm

        @ Blagger

        The biggest problem is, 66 million migrants are waiting in African and other third world ports, to enter the EU. The EU wants to force these rejecting Eastern block countries, who are not willing to subject their country to become similar to the South Africa style cities we now have across the UK. Poland and others are more concerned for the culture and future of their voters than are our flagrant voices of despising rhetoric from the establishment here. These bureaucrats are way to well paid for their limited brain power.

        A friend of mine, presently in beautiful Provence, rural France, is beside herself. She happened to go to the local equivalent of a village library miles from any urban location, only to find around twelve enormous African men, all in their 20’s to 30’s being given lessons in French. They sat as sour as they could be, not one appearing to want to absorb the necessary education. As she listened she realised not one of these men would be employable on any level. A burden to the native people of France for their lifetime.

        And Macron wants us, the British tax payer, to fund this unholy policy he and his Globalist friends are clinging to so desperately. There has to be more to it than the saving of souls. Which is a smokescreen put up to shut the mouths of those they cannot easily keep quiet.

        Research is paramount into the real motives of remainers financial money laundering projects. The panic in them is too desperate for a do gooders pretend fest they have going.

        The cost to the public purse of millions entering the country annually, in order to become burdens on the lifestyle and culture of the host nation, is so out of proportion and very hidden, only the seriously cash stuffed could have the amount of power to pull off such a scam. It needs to be exposed and highlighted, as frequently as we are obliged to read of the wonders of delusional, so called, Royal blood.

        The embarrassment and cringe factor to each one of us is stultifying.

        Germany is taking in one million a year presently, all to the chagrin of their voting and paying through the nose for it, public.


        Poland has, so far, managed to preserve its cultural heritage and is rejecting the EU imposition of demonstrated sabotage of its historical civilisation.




        And the UK


        And as noted before, 66 million are waiting to move on to a new life to better themselves right here in our European landscape..


        What I find an enigma is, if these millions are so industrious, and will be making wonderful moves to improve our economy, how is it so many of them cannot build this new life in their countries of origin?

        Very Happy and prosperous New Year to al!.

        • Lord Blagger
          02/01/2018 at 10:53 pm

          Most can’t.

          Hence the need for a test for migration that is quite simple.

          1. No criminals. Commit a crime and you aren’t welcome. You can’t come, and if you commit it here you are kicked out.

          Not that I can see the lords being in favour of that. They haven’t kicked out any of their criminals. They are still turning up, claiming expense.

          Now Lord Norton claimed on more than one occasion that the Lords would change this. they haven’t

          2. Net contributors only. That’s the key bit. Not many of the 65 million will meet that test. Not many who are here meet that test.

          3. No discrimination. Why should race, gender, religion, age, sexual preference, …. have any bearing on whether or not you make the UK a better place for the others living here?

          Everyone deserves to be treated equally.

          Not that the Peers care about that. It’s privilege for them, cheap booze paid for by others, subsidized food, …

          See the news today.

      • maude elwes
        05/01/2018 at 2:36 pm

        @ Blagger

        A person does have to ask why ex PM’s would be so afraid of a return to UK sovereignty? To the point where they would join forces against the will of the people? It came to me out of the blue.

        Could it be that once we can replace EU law with our own tried and tested batch, a decision to bring back Treason and Capital punishment for it is keeping them awake at night? You will also find it is mostly the rich and powerful who consider remaining in Europe, under their collective dictatorship, paramount. It is time their rewards for turning against the people was investigated. They are not souls with do gooder motives. Not one of them.

        That means there must be significant ulterior motives for them to be working so hard to remove democracy from our country.

  5. 30/12/2017 at 10:16 am

    A quick look into http://lifefresh.net today could also help our general co-education progress –

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